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Achievement Description Times Achieved
Speedy stunter Complete a stunt in less than 1 minute121
Experienced racer Finish 50 races667
Racing king Finish 200 races217
First-time winner Win 1 race20,785
Experienced winner Win 30 races656
Winner at life Win 100 races246
Lucky champion Beat a race opponent by less than 0.5sec1,515
Forever second Finish 10 races in 2nd place1,008
Race Constructor Build a race318
Record King Beat a race record969
MTV Cribs Buy a house894
Entrepreneurship Lease a business506
Away From Keyboard AFK for 1 hour2,757
Grand AFK Master AFK for 5 hours344
Starting member Online for 1 hour46,661
Regular player Online for 10 hours5,205
Attached player Online for 50 hours919
Addicted player Online for 200 hours207
Grand Master Online for 500 hours97
Score Whore Earn 3000EXP623
Filthy Rich Earn $10,000,000668
Duel Virginity Play a duel5,087
Successful Dueler Win a duel4,132
Duel king Win 100 duels86
Essential Worker Complete a business delivery mission66
Put 'em to bed Kill 100 opponents7,321
Grim reaper Kill 500 opponents1,647
Rest In Peace Die 200 times5,767
Unstoppable Demolition Win 3 derbies in a row5,304
Mass Murderer Kill 8 enemies without dying6,754
Near Miss 0.1sec away from a new race record128
Stealth killer Kill an enemy with a knife3,046
Leprechaun Find 5 goldpots in a row468
Escape artist Escape from 100 mazes33
Gangster Kill someone with a pistol whip2,852
Interior decorator Buy house furniture451
Gun guru Unlock all weapons in gungame1,660
Exemplar officer Arrest 200 players5
Criminal mastermind Rob 200 businesses6
Punctual courier Finish a courier mission411
Exporter Export 100 vehicles50
Veteran player Online for 1000 hours42
Hitman Kill 2,500 enemies382
Executioner Kill 10,000 enemies81
Bounty Hunter Complete hit contract483
Stunt God Complete 200 stunts38
Team Player Capture a flag in CTF1,414
MVP Capture 3 flags in a CTF round536
Flagship Capture 500 flags in CTF4
Supporter Become a VIP member46
Daredevil Complete 500 challenges8