Server History

Roots of San Fierro Stunt Evolution date back to 2008 when Mave (Matthias) of TheMaveSite operated a server called SA-FE, a then-official server, which would become a predecessor of SFSF (San Fierro Stunt Freeroam), a project launched by Mave and Andre in 2009. All SFSF, SFSFv2, its successor from February 2010, became relatively successful and grew a steady player base and a friendly community.

In August 2010, SFSE was born. It was among the very first servers to provide full server and website (SMF forums) integration and thanks to great maps by the best mappers in the SA-MP scene, quickly grew to a steady player base similar to its predecessors. By December 2010, SFSE averaged 100-200 players and peaked at 270 players online at once with the server being extremely stable and players enjoying themselves.

In 2012, the server shut down as it had lost its popularity and the development speed could not keep up with the pace that good SA-MP servers should have.
At the end of 2012, the server started getting a major rewrite in C++ programming language for Andre's learning purposes. The server was up for a short period from 2012 to 2013 but shut down once owners could not find time to maintain it.

In September 2013, plans for running the server resurfaced. We aimed to provide our players with an enjoyable gaming experience that has its back-end delivered in a very efficient and revolutionary (for SA-MP, at least) method. By late 2014, the server was crippled by competition and grew largely out of popularity.

In January 2015, cawfee, a long time player, teamed up with Andre with the hope of reviving SFSE. Due to personal obligations, Andre could not find time to maintain SFSE, and cawfee assumed ownership.

In January 2018, bear, a hard worker and technology enthusiast, joined the operations team. Thanks to his help, operations are running as smoother than ever and the future of the server is looking bright.

The server recently underwent a significant overhaul and is among the first SA-MP servers written entirely in the C++ programming language. Despite stability issues at first, the server has enjoyed moderate success since its launch. Our team is still doing its best to deliver a great way of spending free time for players across the world.

In early November 2020, talks began to convert the website to Bootstrap, this meant a more responsive user interface and easier access to our features! The work was done by ellie & Kostas. Using Bootstrap allows the site to work well with mobile devices as it automatically detects aspect ratios and then sets the full width of the site.

Server hosting is provided by bear, coding is done by adlude and website development is done by ellie & Kostas.