Businesses are an ideal way for players to earn more money and experience points (EXP). In our server's economy system, businesses are leased for a week-long period (7 days or 168 hours). During the lease period, the leaseholder must, to earn a profit, ensure that the business has enough goods to operate profitably.

Businesses earn an hourly income that is either 20% larger or 20% smaller than the business cost divided by lease hours, so for a business that costs $4mil, the hourly income can range from ($4mil/168)*80%=$19047 (if goods are not provided) to ($4mil/168)*120%=$28571 (if goods are provided).

On average, businesses use about 50 crates of goods per hour. These goods must be delivered to the business through truck delivery missions that can be started using /deliver (any player can deliver goods to any owned business). Players with less than 60 hours of online time get trailers that can carry 300-400 crates of goods, but those with 45+ hours of online time get 400-500 crates of goods per delivery. Businesses owned by players with less than 60 hours online can store up to 1000 crates of goods whereas those with more online time can store 2000 crates of goods at their businesses.
To become an entrepreneur, players must find an unowned business from the 90 businesses across the map and use /buybiz while in the business marker or inside it (similar to houses, businesses can be entered and exited using /enter and /exit respectively).

Players can lease up to 5 (regular players) or 10 (70h+) businesses at once. To see an informative report of your businesses, use /biz. Also, every time you log into the server, and there has been business activity while you were offline, a cohesive report is displayed once you spawn.

The success rate of a business can be assessed by looking at its rating which depends on how well the business has been provided with goods. For example, if business operations have required 3000 crates of goods and they have always been provided at the right time, the business rating is at 100%. Alternatively, when only 1500 crates of goods have been available, the business rating is at 50%. 50% is also the least profitable business rating. If the rating goes below 50%, the business, at the end of its 168-hour lease period, has not generated enough revenue to be profitable. The business rating is also displayed in the business text label floating above its entrance.
Businesses that have their lease period end with 100% rating (goods have been well available at all times) give their leaseholder a 30EXP bonus. Alternatively, with a rating ranging between 50% and 100% (values excluded) will give its leaseholder a 10EXP bonus. A business that does not reach profitability (rating below 50%) will give its leaseholder a 3EXP bonus. Also, there is a 1EXP hourly bonus for every business holder.

Business leases, which you do not wish to keep, can be ended before the 168-hour period ends by using /sellbiz. If the business you are selling has earned a profit (rating > 50%), you can still profit from the early sale, but keep in mind that half of the earned profit will be deducted from the money you receive as an early termination fee.