Future Updates


In the next month, we're getting prepared for Christmas, which means the return of the santa hat hunt and also some fantastic new maps from Madvillayo!

If that doesn't get you excited then the pictures below might help you out!

Image by Madvillayo
Image by Madvillayo
Image by Madvillayo
Image by Madvillayo
Image by Madvillayo
Image by Madvillayo

It is advised to download the latest SA-MP update (https://files.sa-mp.com/sa-mp-0.3.7-R5-1-install.exe).

Welcome to San Fierro Stunt Evolution!

You can check if any of your friends are online and join them!

Our San Andreas Multiplayer (SAMP) server is powered by C++ and provides a wide range of features, including Freeroam, Stunts, Derby, Races, Deathmatch, Duels, Gang Wars, Parkour, Challenges, Cops and Robbers, and much more! We aim to provide something fun for everyone!

Our website has a variety of features, including management of in-game account preferences, viewing server statistics, searching purchasable properties in-game, as well as a forum among many other features; Accessible with the navigation menu at the top of this page. Please check out the latest update!

Server Statistics

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nemeslevi4 13:50
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