Players that have been online for 25 hours can buy a house. Houses do not generate any revenue and are just items for players to spend their money on. Houses can be bought across the map.

Houses can be entered and exited using /enter and /exit respectively.
Houses can be bought using /buyhouse in the house marker or inside the house.
Houses can be sold using /sellhouse in the house marker or inside the house. Alternatively, the /myhouse dialog can be used to access this and very many other options.
To spawn at your house every time you join the server, players can select the option from /myhouse or the web UCP.

House Vehicles

To make your property look fancier, have a luxurious vehicle spawn in front of it while you are logged into the server. To add a housecar, use /housecar ADD. To customize the housecar license plate, use /housecar PLATE. A custom color can be assigned as well (that is independent of your /cc preferred color) using /housecar COLOR. To teleport the vehicle to yourself regardless of your location, use /housecar GET. Ultimately, to discard the vehicle, use /housecar REMOVE.