VIP stands for Very Important Player and players with the special status have access to several special features that are otherwise not available to all players or only become available if the players have been online for a long enough time.

The idea behind offering subscribable VIP status is to help keep our server alive by raising extra money for server and SA-MP hosted listing fees. By donating players can get access to several special features and help keep their community alive.

Want to check out who our current VIP players are? Have a look at our VIP listing.

Donation Benefits

Obviously there are great benefits of donating to the server as well as the feeling of helping keeping our server up & running, these are listed below;

  • Greater range in custom countdowns (/cd) (from 50 to 100 units)
  • Custom over-head 3D text label (/label) with color changing!
  • Your businesses can hold 100% more goods for a maximum of 2000 crates (/bizhelp)
  • Freedom to own 10 businesses simultaneously (5 otherwise)
  • Deliver 100% more goods to businesses!
  • Three additional object attachment slots (/attach)!
  • $1,000,000 in-game cash (one-time, on request)
  • Special login announcement when joining the server.
  • Access to VIP-only chat (/vchat)!
  • Ability to start custom Last Man Standing event (/lms)
  • Greater limit for speedboost (/sb) and bounce (/bounce), 1.6 and 2.0 respectively
  • Ability to carry 5 more items in Battle Royale (/br)
  • 10% more vehicle health in Derby and CTF

Price List

Monthly Payments
$2.99 USD
One Time Payment
$17.99 USD

Have any questions or concerns? Please send a PM to bear

Staff Position Donations

By donating for a staff position, you are guaranteed acceptance into the team within 24 hours. The rights you receive depend on the level you purchase, Moderator (Level 1) or Administrator (Level 2). You will be treated as a normal member of the team, with all the same rights as your fellow staff members of the same level.

It should go without saying that misuse of your position, including, but not limited to using your elevated privileges to your advantage, wrongfully punishing players, and so on is considered abuse, and will be punished at the discretion of the senior staff.

Want to check out our current staff members? Please do so by following this link

Moderators versus Administrators

Moderator Privileges (Level 1)
  • Mute Players
  • Kick Players
  • Ban Players
  • Global Announcement Messages (chat & screen)
  • Helpful Commands to Detect Hackers
Administrator Privileges (Level 2)
  • Moderator Privileges
  • Time & Weather Changes
  • Giving Weapons
  • Race Controlling
  • Elevated Discord Privileges

Price List

Moderator (One Time Payment)
$29.99 USD
Administrator (One Time Payment)
$49.99 USD

Have any questions or concerns? Please send a PM to bear