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28 June 2021

* /wheels dialog has been replaced with a visual selection. Suggested by @Volt
* Add optional Private DM toggle for headshot kills.
* Add command /nametags to toggle the visibility of SA-MP nametags (health bar and name label).
* Add date server was last updated in /uptime.
* Export now includes the destination location name. Suggested by @madvillayo.
* Prevent forbidden vehicles from being used with custom vehicle addons.
* Prevent access to house vehicle related features while spectating.
* Improved the appearance of informational pickups at spawn zones.
* New achievement: Speedy stunter - Complete a stunt (/stuntwar) in less than 1 minute.
* Fix interior not being reset when players die inside of a house or business. Reported by @madvillayo
* Fix/workaround SA-MP vehicle sync issue when players join Stunt War. Reported by @Enemy.
* Fix surfing sync issue where players jump from a falling object and then fall in /fallout.
* Fix/workaround "ghost driver" SA-MP sync issue. This could happen when players were a passenger in a vehicle and then spawned their own.
* Fix stuntwar leaderboard not sorting by time for players with same number of completions

Map updates:

* NEW /nrgparadise skill map by nave
* UPDATED /1337land and /wallride by Madvillayo
* NEW Jizzy's (/sf) map by Madvillayo and Luis!
* Remove deathjump maps.
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12 August 2021

* Gang members with permission to recruit members can now revoke pending join invitations. Suggested by @madvillayo.
* Improve spectator tips. Players are now informed of pressing space to refresh the spectate camera and of the minigame the spectator target is participating in.
* Add some new /anims and fix some typos.
* Add mention about VIPs having access to /privworld in /VIP.
* Players can now see eachother in Capture the Flag (/ctf).
* Mobile phone players are put into their own virtual world in Races.
* Vehicle names are displayed upon entering a vehicle for drivers. Similar to single player, with a modern look.
* Fading textdraw ability. A nice little touch that makes textdraws more appealing.
* Fix StuntWar leaderboard having duplicates.
* Help and Tip textdraws are disabled in races automatically for a better experience.

* Derby changes:
* Health bar refinements. The GUI health bar has been replaced with a custom one to display vehicle health. The health bars shown under player's nicknames reflects the vehicle's health as well.​
* Experimental Anti-Camp system. Every few seconds, there will be health penalty for not moving. Originally suggested here.​
* Fix VIP members not getting 10% more vehicle health. Reported by @bear.​
* Reaction Test enhancements:
* Spawn a vehicle type. First player to spawn the challenge vehicle wins. Suggested by @ellie
* Finish the challenge type (note: Only occurs once at an hour at most. Only 10 minutes are given to finish).​
* New achievement: Fast Reflexes - Finish 5 Reaction Tests in a row​
* Private Deathmatch enhancements (/privdm):
* Support for specific weapons for headshot kills. /privdm -> Headshot kill weapons. Suggested by @Shaan.​
* Support for up to 3 teams. Players can be assigned to and removed from a team at any point. Each team has a list of options for hosters.​
* Players can now see the number of invites they have open.​
* Now includes an option to see all active deathmatches. Players may request to join a deathmatch by selecting it from the list.​
* New arena: Jizzy's Pleasure Dome.​

Map updates:

NEW Derby map "Balance" by @madvillayo
UPDATED Underground Stunt (/us) by @madvillayo
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10 October 2021

* Happy Halloween! Our annual pumpkin hunt is now live!
This year we have a total of 51 pumpkins to find. Everyone who finds them all will be in for a nice trick... or treat!
Thanks to @madvillayo for gathering the locations!


* Players can now preview and purchase their own house interiors via /myhouse.
* Maze minigame now includes a vehicle style. Every other round, players will be in a vehicle instead of on foot.
* Vehicles can no longer be spawned in mod shops. This could result in invalid components being attached and crashing players. Reported by @Aut0psia
* Player vehicles in Race and StuntWar are automatically fixed regardless of /autofix preference.
* Fix an issue where player FPS can show an erroneous huge amount.
* New spawn locations: LV & LV Airport
* Fix AFK detector not removing players from races. Reported by Shaan.
* New Deagle (/deagle) map "The West" by @madvillayo. Automatic map changing with voting has been added to the deathmatch as well.
* New Capture the Flag (/ctf) map "Pyramids" by @madvillayo.

* Hints. Stunts now support custom hints to aid in completion.
* New position save mode type. If a stunt uses this style, players will not be able to use /spos or /lpos. Rather, they will only spawn at the spawn coordinates.
* Round duration is now based on difficulty. Easy: 10 minutes. Medium: 15 minutes. Hard: 20 minutes

* Add Area 69 to the arena lineup.
* Add toggle for refilling health upon kill. If this is enabled, a player's health will be refilled when they kill someone.
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15 January 2022

* Add /stuntrecords for viewing the best Stunt War records.
* Reduced requirements for creating a gang. Was 3000XP and 5m. Now is 1500XP and 500k.
* Increase minigame removal AFK threshold to 15 seconds (was 10 before).
* Add RC Battlefield to the lineup of Deagle (/deagle) maps. Suggested by @s0ulreaper.
* Add mid-air turning ability to /superman. Thanks to @Kostas for the contribution.
* Challenge reactiontests may happen twice per hour (increased from once). And the rewards have been increased. Thanks to @madvillayo for suggesting.
* Simplified Battle Royale (/br) inventory system. It uses a dialog instead of textdraws for faster/easier interaction.
* Damage Informer textdraw. They show details of damage dealt and received. These can be enabled through /tds -> Damage Log.
* Custom vehicle addons (/vattach) are now disabled in Derby and Race.
* Players can now use /reset in races more than once. The 5 second delay after use does remain.
* Armor is also refilled for players in PrivDMs with the setting to refill health upon kill.
* New achievement: Offensive Player - Kill 5 enemies without dying in Capture the Flag (/CTF)
* Fix Derby anticamp taking action during the countdown. Reported by @KrisX
* Fix StuntWar leaderboard sorting improperly and add emphasis for the best time. Thanks to @madvillayo for suggesting.
* Fix AFK players not being removed from an active race. Please note, this does not apply to the waiting period during the countdown.
* Fix conflicting vehicles in ReactionTest vehicle spawn challenges.
* Fix house furniture removal bug.
* Most likely fix random disappearing objects. Thanks to everyone who reported.

Map updates:
* New /parkour5 by @madvillayo.
* VIP Penthouse by @breyt. This can be reached via /viphouse for VIP members and staff only.


Server Owner
26 February 2022


* Trashmaster job (/trashmaster). In this job, players are assigned a timed route in which they collect trash and deliver it to the Trash Processing Center.
* New /jobs dialog which showcases a list of our available jobs.
* New achievements:
Workaholic - Complete 100 jobs. Completing any job (excluding business deliveries) will count toward completing this achievement.​
Waste Collector - Complete a Trashmaster job.​
Homies fo Life - Join a gang.​
* Revamped the /tune dialog. It now features enhanced tuning options such as components, hydraulics and wheels.
* Assigned difficulty levels to challenge maps in /challenges. They now give a consistent reward based on their difficulty.
* CTF now supports map voting.
* Exterior furniture will no longer be removed when a house interior is changed.
* Revert RC vehicle style Maze. It is now on-foot only.
* Include The West in the available PrivDM (/privdm) arenas.
* Remove RC Battlefield from the Deagle map lineup due to unpopularity.
* Prettified CTF maps - they now have better time/weather combinations
* Reduced health/armor in GunGame (/gg) for faster rounds

* Fix CTF bug that could leave players in a waiting state for someone to join. Reported by @IroniZ
* Fix confusion with Damage Log information for spectators. Thanks to Kostas for reporting.
* Fix Battle Royale weapons not being detected properly.
* Fix house interiors not being set properly.
* Fix races not ending properly if the last racer goes AFK. Thanks to @Kostas for reporting.
* Fix chance of race submissions not being ordered.
* Fix players being wrongfully kicked for desync while in Derby.
* Fix The West Deagle map having a duplicate object.
* Fix CTF not restarting a round if one team had no players left. Reported by @IroniZ
* Fix world boundary issue in /dmi and potentially other deathmatches.
* Fix nonworking /radio stations. Thanks to @IroniZ for finding them and supplying replacements.
* Fix chance of players not spawning properly in Duels.
* Fix of strange sync behavior when retrieving a house vehicle someone else is driving. Thanks to rifle for reporting.
* Fix trains being savable as housecars. Thanks to @veonz for reporting.

Improvements to Gang Goldstars:
* Win three Derby rounds in a row (1 GS)
* Earned when a member completes any achievement (1 GS).
* Earned when a member delivers the export vehicle (1 GS).
* Earned when finding 10 Goldpots in a row (1 GS).
* Changed: One earned for killing 5 times (reduced from 10 kills)
* Changed: Stunt Completions: Green stunt (1), Yellow stunt (2), Red stunt (3)

Map updates

* REVAMPED CTF arena map by @IroniZ
* New Derby map "King of the Arena" by @KrisX


Server Owner
10 April 2022

* Happy Easter! There are 30 eggs stashed around SA. Each egg rewards some cash and experience and there is a lumpsome reward for finding them all!
* Derby quality improvements. Fixed many of the annoying issues in the minigame
* Derby pickups. Some maps are equipped with repair pickups in tough to reach places. Feedback is encouraged.
* Connect/disconnect messages are only shown to everyone when there are 50 or less players online.
* New /quarry teleport (replaces unsightly /disney map).
* Hydralics are now disabled in races.
* Rebalance economy and rewards. Fixed abuseable things.
* Fix custom vehicle addons being misapplied to vehicles.
* Fix Trashmaster issues as reported by @Sulps here
* Fix issues with selling houses that lead to mixups and other issues.
* Fix camera target not being adjusted when a spectatee enters a new vehicle.
* New Speedometer. It features a new design and color changes if a vehicle's top speed is exceeded. Thanks to @Kostas for retrieving the top speed values.
* Performance improvements. A fair amount of work has been done under the hood to ensure a smooth gameplay experience. Feedback is encouraged.
* Gang zones can now only be named by staff members. This is to eventually make them more realistic in the future.
* Add new /attach objects, thanks to IroniZ
* Adjust orientation of vehicles in /sv and objects in /attach visual lists

* Improvements for mobile users:

- Spawned vehicles have nitro applied automatically.
- Support for /superman when pressing the Y key.
- Support for vehicle flipping (/flip) when pressing the Y key as a driver.
- Support for vehicle nitro use (/nos) when pressing the N key as a driver.
- Relocated Maze so that the objects are visible. Thanks to @Kostas

Map Updates:

Parkour VI (/parkour6) by @madvillayo
Updated Chilliad (/chilliad) by @IroniZ
Cleaned up SF and LV, thanks to @IroniZ
New PrivDM arena "Dome" by @nekko


Server Owner
8 Jul 2022


* Races with no predefined vehicle will use Infernus as default.
* Hydraulics are automatically applied in Derby and CTF if /toghyd is enabled.
* Prevent abuse of some server features while spectating.
* Prevent use of /eject while in a tuning garage. Thanks to @KrisX for reporting.

Map updates:

* Add new /derby map, "Sunrise Bridge" by @madvillayo
* New map Reiko Island (/reikoisland) by Reiko


Server Owner
7 Oct 2022 - Halloween Update


* Per our annual tradition, we have a pumpkin hunt. There are 25 hidden pumpkins this year, spread evenly across 5 areas (5 pumpkins per area: CLICK FOR MAP). In addition, we have another secret hunt; details of which will be revealed in a special event!
* Add Warehouse to Deagle (/deagle) map rotation
* New PrivDM/Deagle arena by madvillayo - Uritorco
* New Race Track maps by Reiko - /rt1, /rt2
* Updated Stunt War objects to pave the way for new stunts.

Huge thanks goes to @madvillayo for his outstanding contributions.
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13 December 2022 - Holiday Update


* Happy Holidays! Per our tradition, there is a secret santa hat hunt, /xmas, and /snowball! We also have extensive map decorations; thanks to Alex!
* Improved appearance of snowfall (/snow) for /snowball minigame
* Improved /snowball. Range and speed of snowballs is way better. Special health pickups now spawn in the minigame as well!
* Custom saved positions (/locs). This allows for players to save up to 10 custom positions. One of which can be set as a spawnpoint. Thanks to @bear and @madvillayo for the ideas.
* Fixed Gang Zone names not being preserved when a gang disowns a territory. Thanks to @Sulps for reporting.
* Fixed Hydra issue that resulted in "invisible" collisions while the landing gear was up. Thanks to Viper for reporting.
* Replaced One Shot DM arena. Thanks to @veonz for the suggestion and coordinates.
* New West II arena by @madvillayo . This is available in PrivDM, Deagle, and Minigun.
* Various map fixes to 1337land and Race track 2.
* Replace the Madd Dogg mansion arena that was in use in /minigun with Uritorco by @madvillayo.
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29 June 2023


* Fix weapons not being given to players when they respawn in /privworld.
* Fix vehicle engine not running automatically for mobile players.
* Fix goldpot reward inconsistencies.
* Fix Uritorco minigun map not working properly. Thanks to @s0ulreaper for reporting.
* Fix /locs being accessible in challenges. Thanks to @veonz for reporting.
* Fix Duel plays statistic not updating. Thanks to @veonz for reporting.

* FPS limiter. Players who participate in minigames will no longer be allowed to have 100+ FPS. This is due to the advantages high FPS can provide. PrivDM is currently excluded.
* Prevent /privdm from being accessible for players building races.
* Adjust CnR robber release process. Robbers are now released from the prison directly and do not respawn.
* Expand /leave to remove oneself from participation in a challenge.
* Add A LOT of new house furniture objects in all categories. Thanks to @madvillayo and others for contributing. House furniture event: Click here!
* Pressing Y will now load a previously saved position (/s) while on foot. Useful for training parkours.

Map updates:

* New Derby map - Slanted by @Kris
* Remove Derby Jungle map due to unpopularity
* Hall of Fame map by @madvillayo. Centered in the heart of LS, it features multiple floors (each with a custom map) showcasing the best players of that year. Reachable through /hof or by driving to it (it is near /ls).
* Map fix to Parkour 3 to indicate the finish. Thanks @madvillayo
* Various fixes to 1337land
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21 October 2023 - Halloween update

* Happy Halloween! Our annual pumpkin hunt is now available. There is a total of 25 pumpkins scattered across San Andreas. Find them all for a prize. Good luck!
* New minigame: DogFight (/df). The idea is simple, all players spawn with hydra and the last player standing wins! Feel free to suggest ideas to expand on the idea.
* Fix TDM scoreboard not updating. Thanks to @bear for reporting.
* Update weapons in PrivDM if players are removed. Thanks to @veonz for reporting.
* Fix hydraulics being able to be applied to Quads. Thanks to @Kris for reporting.
* Fix /wheels selection becoming duplicated. Thanks to @FireFrost for reporting.
* Fix /togload hotkeys (Y) not working while onfoot. Thanks to @madvillayo for reporting.
* Fix setting spawnpoint with /locs when house spawning is enabled. Thanks to @Shaan for reporting.
* Add Emerald Isle Drift (/drift11) thanks to @madvillayo for suggesting.

Map updates
* NRG Parkour II by Madvillayo. See /nrgparkour2
* New Derby maps: King of the Hill II by @madvillayo and Toxicity by @phoenix!
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10 December 2023 - Holiday Special

Happy Holidays, SFSEers!

* Annual Santa hat hunt. There are 25 hats which have been hidden by @Bassam. Good luck!
* Snowball fight minigame is back (/snowball)! Unlike previous years, we will be keeping this around for the entire winter season.
* Some Christmas commands: /snow, /santahat

* CopChase minigame
This has been requested a lot and is finally a reality. Once the minigame has enough players, one player is selected as
the criminal. The criminal must escape from the cops to win. Cops can arrest using key 'Y' on their keyboard. Each side
features a lobby which has additional instructions.

* Immense thanks goes to @IroniZ, @Kostas @Bassam, @veonz, and @s0ulreaper for their help in developing it!

* Fix /label dialog issues (i.e, not showing existing text and not clearing label properly). Thanks to @ellie for noticing.
* Fix gang zone names not saving properly.
* Fix undrivable section in /nrgparkour
* Fix teammates being able to damage eachother under certain circumstances.
* Add house furniture limit to /h display. Thanks to @madvillayo for suggesting.
* Add vehicle teleport locations for /otto and /wang. Thanks to @IroniZ
* Spectators of racers will now be shown time difference - thanks to @Kostas for suggesting.
* Stunt War leaderboard is now sorted by best time.
* Reduce Goldpot cooldown to 30 seconds (was 60)
* Settings -> World now includes an option to disable SA-MP nametags (/nametags).
* Improve object streaming. More objects should be rendered at a greater distance.
* Improve /racevote dialog. It now shows the vehicle required and whether NOS is enabled for the race.
* Improve Team DM (/tdm) team selection interface. The new look is cleaner and easier to use.
* Improve /attachment purchase process. Attachments can be previewed and are only paid for once they are saved for the first time.
* Improve house furniture purchase process. House furniture objects can be previewed and are only paid for once they are saved for the first time.
* Improve achievements textdraw appearance. Visible when earning a new achievement.
* All vehicles can now be spawned by writing their name as a command directly (e.g: /infernus, /inf). Previously, it was required to prefix with /v.

* VIP members now receive
* A discount on buying races (/buyrace)
* Full access to the saved locations feature (/locs)

Map updates
Excellent new map - Tomb Raider (/tombraider) by @Kostas
Fixes to /nrgparkour2 by @madvillayo


Server Owner
17 January 2024

* No longer show vehicle name TD if one has the Info Textdraw disabled from view. Suggested by @Kostas
* Indicate whether a player is a mobile user in /stats.
* Fix /kiss animation variations not working properly
* Fix passengers being able to collect goldpots (open-mp behavior change with checkpoints)
* Fix /textlabels not toggling properly, and textlabels appearing for players who have them disabled. Thanks to @madvillayo for his help on this.
* Export vehicle now message now includes the location of where the vehicle is spawned.
* New achievement (StuntWar): Stunt Hoarder - Control 15 stunts at once

* Improved locations/spawning. There are now 6 main locations that correspond with major SA areas, each location has 10 spawns.
* Criminals no longer see police on their radar.
* Fix angle of cop/criminal during an arrest.
* All players are automatically killed if they enter water.
* Players who join midround are spawned closer to the criminal.
* Criminals can now toggle nitro in chases.
* Clearer messaging when joining the minigame. Thanks to @bear for suggesting.
* Prevent the same player from being consecutively chosen as the criminal. Thanks to @breyt for suggesting.
* Cops must be on foot to arrest a criminal who's on foot. Thanks to @s0ulreaper for suggesting.
* Cops now have a private chat. Prefix messages with # to use it.
* Cop respawn positions are offset to prevent overlapping.
* Time taken to arrest a criminal is now shown in messages.
* Add additional vehicles. Thanks to @KompoT for suggesting.
* Pay n Spray detection - $100 is taken if it is used. Police are notified if a criminal uses one to repair their vehicle.
* New achievements:
Speedy Trial - Arrest a criminal in less than a minute​
Good Cop - Arrest 50 criminals​
Slick Criminal - Escape 50 times​
Stealthy Slipaway - Use Pay n Spray to escape (must pay $100 and actually get repaired/sprayed)​
A Clean Getaway - Escape with a pristine vehicle (>= 1000 HP)​

Overall, we're all quite pleased by all the participation and feedback we received on this minigame. Thank you to those who have helped with ideas and testing.

Map Updates
* New /drag map by @nave


Server Owner

27 February 2024

BANS HAVE BEEN WIPED! We hope many permanently banned players of the past return to the server and make the best of it!


* Attempt fix object streaming for spectators not reflecting what the spectatee sees.
* Fix unsetting of custom spawn positions via /locs. Reported by veonz.
* Add confirmation dialog before deleting all house furniture.
* '%' is now a usable character in chat messages.

* Add option to toggle visibility of player blips on radar.
* Add Meat Factory and College as arena options.

* Criminals can now toggle whether weapons are available in the chase.
* Rounds now require 3 players (2 cops and a criminal).
* Police win a round and earn rewards if a criminal leaves intentionally to end a round

Map updates. Huge kudos to @nave for his hard work!
* NEW Infernus Skills (/is) and Infernus Skills II (/is2) maps
* NEW Trackmania VI (/tm6).
* Improvements to NRG Paradise (/nrgparadise) and BMX Paradise (/bmxparadise). Previously, these maps were next to impossible to complete.
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