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28 June 2021

* /wheels dialog has been replaced with a visual selection. Suggested by @Volt
* Add optional Private DM toggle for headshot kills.
* Add command /nametags to toggle the visibility of SA-MP nametags (health bar and name label).
* Add date server was last updated in /uptime.
* Export now includes the destination location name. Suggested by @madvillayo.
* Prevent forbidden vehicles from being used with custom vehicle addons.
* Prevent access to house vehicle related features while spectating.
* Improved the appearance of informational pickups at spawn zones.
* New achievement: Speedy stunter - Complete a stunt (/stuntwar) in less than 1 minute.
* Fix interior not being reset when players die inside of a house or business. Reported by @madvillayo
* Fix/workaround SA-MP vehicle sync issue when players join Stunt War. Reported by @Enemy.
* Fix surfing sync issue where players jump from a falling object and then fall in /fallout.
* Fix/workaround "ghost driver" SA-MP sync issue. This could happen when players were a passenger in a vehicle and then spawned their own.
* Fix stuntwar leaderboard not sorting by time for players with same number of completions

Map updates:

* NEW /nrgparadise skill map by nave
* UPDATED /1337land and /wallride by Madvillayo
* NEW Jizzy's (/sf) map by Madvillayo and Luis!
* Remove deathjump maps.
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12 August 2021

* Gang members with permission to recruit members can now revoke pending join invitations. Suggested by @madvillayo.
* Improve spectator tips. Players are now informed of pressing space to refresh the spectate camera and of the minigame the spectator target is participating in.
* Add some new /anims and fix some typos.
* Add mention about VIPs having access to /privworld in /VIP.
* Players can now see eachother in Capture the Flag (/ctf).
* Mobile phone players are put into their own virtual world in Races.
* Vehicle names are displayed upon entering a vehicle for drivers. Similar to single player, with a modern look.
* Fading textdraw ability. A nice little touch that makes textdraws more appealing.
* Fix StuntWar leaderboard having duplicates.
* Help and Tip textdraws are disabled in races automatically for a better experience.

* Derby changes:
* Health bar refinements. The GUI health bar has been replaced with a custom one to display vehicle health. The health bars shown under player's nicknames reflects the vehicle's health as well.​
* Experimental Anti-Camp system. Every few seconds, there will be health penalty for not moving. Originally suggested here.​
* Fix VIP members not getting 10% more vehicle health. Reported by @bear.​
* Reaction Test enhancements:
* Spawn a vehicle type. First player to spawn the challenge vehicle wins. Suggested by @ellie
* Finish the challenge type (note: Only occurs once at an hour at most. Only 10 minutes are given to finish).​
* New achievement: Fast Reflexes - Finish 5 Reaction Tests in a row​
* Private Deathmatch enhancements (/privdm):
* Support for specific weapons for headshot kills. /privdm -> Headshot kill weapons. Suggested by @Shaan.​
* Support for up to 3 teams. Players can be assigned to and removed from a team at any point. Each team has a list of options for hosters.​
* Players can now see the number of invites they have open.​
* Now includes an option to see all active deathmatches. Players may request to join a deathmatch by selecting it from the list.​
* New arena: Jizzy's Pleasure Dome.​

Map updates:

NEW Derby map "Balance" by @madvillayo
UPDATED Underground Stunt (/us) by @madvillayo
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10 October 2021

* Happy Halloween! Our annual pumpkin hunt is now live!
This year we have a total of 51 pumpkins to find. Everyone who finds them all will be in for a nice trick... or treat!
Thanks to @madvillayo for gathering the locations!


* Players can now preview and purchase their own house interiors via /myhouse.
* Maze minigame now includes a vehicle style. Every other round, players will be in a vehicle instead of on foot.
* Vehicles can no longer be spawned in mod shops. This could result in invalid components being attached and crashing players. Reported by @Aut0psia
* Player vehicles in Race and StuntWar are automatically fixed regardless of /autofix preference.
* Fix an issue where player FPS can show an erroneous huge amount.
* New spawn locations: LV & LV Airport
* Fix AFK detector not removing players from races. Reported by Shaan.
* New Deagle (/deagle) map "The West" by @madvillayo. Automatic map changing with voting has been added to the deathmatch as well.
* New Capture the Flag (/ctf) map "Pyramids" by @madvillayo.

* Hints. Stunts now support custom hints to aid in completion.
* New position save mode type. If a stunt uses this style, players will not be able to use /spos or /lpos. Rather, they will only spawn at the spawn coordinates.
* Round duration is now based on difficulty. Easy: 10 minutes. Medium: 15 minutes. Hard: 20 minutes

* Add Area 69 to the arena lineup.
* Add toggle for refilling health upon kill. If this is enabled, a player's health will be refilled when they kill someone.
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15 January 2022

* Add /stuntrecords for viewing the best Stunt War records.
* Reduced requirements for creating a gang. Was 3000XP and 5m. Now is 1500XP and 500k.
* Increase minigame removal AFK threshold to 15 seconds (was 10 before).
* Add RC Battlefield to the lineup of Deagle (/deagle) maps. Suggested by @s0ulreaper.
* Add mid-air turning ability to /superman. Thanks to @Kostas for the contribution.
* Challenge reactiontests may happen twice per hour (increased from once). And the rewards have been increased. Thanks to @madvillayo for suggesting.
* Simplified Battle Royale (/br) inventory system. It uses a dialog instead of textdraws for faster/easier interaction.
* Damage Informer textdraw. They show details of damage dealt and received. These can be enabled through /tds -> Damage Log.
* Custom vehicle addons (/vattach) are now disabled in Derby and Race.
* Players can now use /reset in races more than once. The 5 second delay after use does remain.
* Armor is also refilled for players in PrivDMs with the setting to refill health upon kill.
* New achievement: Offensive Player - Kill 5 enemies without dying in Capture the Flag (/CTF)
* Fix Derby anticamp taking action during the countdown. Reported by @KrisX
* Fix StuntWar leaderboard sorting improperly and add emphasis for the best time. Thanks to @madvillayo for suggesting.
* Fix AFK players not being removed from an active race. Please note, this does not apply to the waiting period during the countdown.
* Fix conflicting vehicles in ReactionTest vehicle spawn challenges.
* Fix house furniture removal bug.
* Most likely fix random disappearing objects. Thanks to everyone who reported.

Map updates:
* New /parkour5 by @madvillayo.
* VIP Penthouse by @breyt. This can be reached via /viphouse for VIP members and staff only.
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