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13 May 2018

* Reinstated the /party teleport from the PAWN gamemode.
* Flip hotkeys are no longer usable in races.
* Added a search feature to the /races dialog (admin-only).
* Animations are no longer usable in minigames.
* Possibly fixed Shooter locking up under rare circumstances.
* Fixed chance of players receiving weapons in races. Reported in
* Fixed the race record date appearing incorrectly in-game. Reported in
* Fixed Cops and Robbers related issues to players falling off bikes (HUD TD not displaying and wrongly marked as still driving).
* Fixed max killstreak value not being displayed properly. Reported in
* Fixed players being able to leave their vehicles in Derby/Shooter by cleverly spamming G to first enter as a passenger.
* Optimized race submissions handling.


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7 June 2018

* Private deathmatches (/privdm). As the name suggests, players will be able to create and host custom deathmatches. The host will be required to select weapons and an arena before starting. Both weapons and arena can be changed on the fly should an adjustment be needed. Players can be invited and removed by the host. In the event the host disconnects and the party contains more than 2 players, a new host will be selected by random. Suggestions for improvement are welcome. Preview: * Jetpacks can only be spawned while one is on-foot.
* Businesses can now be teleported to by their owners (/biz).
* Player colors can no longer be unreadably dark (RGB values constrained to at least 60).
* Improved gang turf error messages.
* Fixed player selection dialogs showing nothing (and causing issues) when no results are found.
* Fixed sorting for new race submissions.
* Fixed two courier bugs. Reported by Sulps in
* Fixed possibility of double bans should admins ban simultaneously.
* Fixed players being able to start a race building instance while in another minigame.

* Map updates (thanks to @NoType)

* Add a new Derby map, entitled Tower.
* Add a new War map (/war).


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14 June 2018

* Probably fixed a longstanding Shooter bug where losing players could end up floating in between rounds.
* Fixed passengers possibly receiving bonuses when the driver finishes a special stunt such as IP3. Reported by @Uber in
* Fixed bribe money not being taken/given in Cops and Robbers. Reported by @Uber in
* Fixed gang bug. Reported by @Uber in


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22 June 2018

* Fixed automatic teleportation into vehicles using MMB or NUM1 not working properly.
* Fixed two private deathmatch bugs. Reported by @d3adzz in
* Implement death-evade deterrent. Those who leave and rejoin too quickly will have their health restored.
* Added several new weapons to the Private DM weapon selection menu.
* Fixed the help textdraw reappearing despite the user's preference sometimes.
* Fixed a deathmatch arena change bug.
* Addressed an issue where the races were messed up.


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14 July 2018

* Added /nostype from the PAWN gamemode. Suggested by @Kostas.
* Fixed duel revocation issue. Reported by @lewdie.
* Fixed duel bug where players could get desynced (related to a SA-MP bug). Reported by @Kostas.
* Fixed possibility of duelers being in the same world as other players. Reported by @Messi.
* Fixed possibility of "double arrests" should two players arrest simultaneously. Reported by @Kostas.
* Fixed /reset not working at the second to last race checkpoint. Reported by @Kostas.
* Fixed /color not working properly for certain combinations. Reported by @Nick.
* Fixed Derby spec not properly circling. Reported by @Polarbear.
* Fixed the Ammunation being unusable in Cops and Robbers. Reported by @Sulps.
* Fixed freeroam pickups appearing in Cops and Robbers. Reported by @Sulps.
* Fixed refueling not working properly. Reported by @Sulps.
* Fixed name changes not being updated in the /gang member list cache.
* Possibly fixed PrivDM bug where players can't leave the DM. Please follow up on this one.
* Probably fixed falling vehicles at /waterjump and /dj1. Reported by @Sulps.
* Players can now reply to private messages with /r as an alternative to prefix '@'. Suggested by @SShady.
* Prevent Y hotkey spamming for arrest in Cops and Robbers. It can be used every second.
* Players will now respawn at their base in Cops and Robbers after their prison sentence is over (by time, bail, or escape).
* Players can no longer use /leave while they are being transported to jail in Cops and Robbers. Suggested by @SShady.


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29 July 2018

Fixes and tweaks

* Fix achievement 'Mass Murderer' not being given properly. Reported by @ScrIN.
* Players are now forbidden from entering the export vehicle if they are already in a minigame. Related to an issue reported by @ScrIN.
* Fix possibility of getting weapons in safe zones by leaving a delivery mission. Reported by @ScrIN.
* Fix /r truncating the first letter of messages. Reported by @ScrIN.
* Fix object streaming not being immediately re-enabled if a player finishes a race and there are other racers. Reported by @Kostas.
* Fix player world getting messed up if they finish a race before other racers and then teleport to a minigame. Reported by @Kostas.
* Fix superman being usable when using a jetpack. Reported by @Kostas.
* Players must be on foot to spawn a jetpack.
* Maze minigame now requires only one player to start (from two).
* Remove sound for vehicle flipping.

Gang system improvements

* Add /gangs command to display a list of gangs which have online members. Suggested by @Faker.
* Add /topgangs command to display the top 10 gangs. Suggested by @nekko.
* Players who go AFK are now removed from turf wars. Thanks to @Faker.
* If all attacking gang members leave a turf war, the war will end and remain in possession of the holder gang.
* If a zone is attacked but not defended (ends in 0:0), the attacking gang will claim the zone.
* If a zone war ends in a tie (but not 0:0), both gangs will earn goldstars but the zone will not change hands.
* Include count of members in the /gang dialog. Suggested by @Polarbear.
* Optimized back-end handling of gang zones for efficiency.


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1 September 2018

* Server sided damage system (many thanks to Slice) :cool:
* Improved and more responsive hit registration.​
* Basic protection against health hackers with server side health.​
* Examination of shots for correctness and validity (factors such as distance, damage amount, shot vector and more is inspected).​
* New weapon types detected: pistol whip, car park, helikill, vehicle M4/minigun.​

* Jetpacks are now usable by everyone in gang turf wars.
* Removed /wallride from the line-up of challenges.
* Capturing an undefended (ends in 0:0) gang zone no longer rewards the gang goldstars.
* Disabled /bounce, /speedboost and /flip in challenges.


* Fix issue where gang zones could get messed up if one gives up their territory after a war has started (by leaving the dialog open and responding to it after it starts). Many thanks to @Faker for reporting!
* Fix wheels (/wheels) not saving and not being properly applied to vehicles. Please note, /autotune must be enabled for them to be automatically applied to vehicles. Thanks to @ayamba for reporting.
* Fix /flip being usable in races unlike the hot key shortcuts. Reported by @BloodRing.
* Fix cops being able to kill robbers while in jail. Reported by @Kostas in
* Fix glitched state that could happen if one is arrested and killed in the CNR minigame. Reported by @Kostas in
* Fix racer virtual world getting messed up if one joins a race, enters another racer's vehicle, then leaves the race. Discovered by @BloodR1ng.
* Fix several gang turf war bugs, Reported by @ScrIN in
* Fix on-foot challenges completions not working (notably in parkours).
* Fix inability to vote for a existing races which were edited (due to duplicates). Reported by Faps7ter. Thanks to @BloodR1ng for testing.
* Fix possibility of Cops entering the prison cells in the CNR minigame.
* Fix house furniture becoming unusable, Reported by @Chvilko in
* Fix chance of spectators joining turf wars when spectating someone. Reported by @Chvilko in
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29 Sep 2018


* Include random spawning as the default spawn type.
* Add anti-spam for private messages. Spammers are muted automatically.
* Add spawn protection in gang turf wars (2.5 seconds).
* Object streaming is automatically disabled in gang turf wars.
* Gang member rank titles now appear in /stats. Suggested by @Phantom
* Ignoring a player will also prevent them from being able to teleport to you. Suggested by @selo in
* Add Warhouse arena to Private DMs.
* Add player count display to /minigames (/m). Suggested by @Polarbear.
* Add private chatting (with chat prefix '#') for players in Private DMs. Suggested by @Polarbear.
* Improved way in which /delivery retrieves the pick up location. Suggested by @BloodR1ng.
* Godmode is now enabled by default in delivery missions.
* Make unowned house price more readable. Suggested by @ayamba.
* Performance improvements for server-side damage system.

Bounty system (PAWN->C++):

* /hit - Adds player to the hitlist for the cash reward specified.
* /bounties - See active hit contracts.
* New achievement: Bounty hunter - Complete a contract.

Race system improvements

* Increase number of races available in /racevote from 5 to 10.
* Make race messages nicer.
* Rewrote back-end handling of races to support a FIFO queue.
* Add command /racequeue (/rq for short) to display races in queue.
* Race purchasing. Races can be bought from /buyrace for $50,000. Upon purchase, the race is added to the start queue. This also introduces race searching.
* Vote redo. It's now possible to redo a race once if half of the racers use /voteredo (/vr for short). Restarting a race can only happen once per rotation and this voting takes place from the countdown until the end of the race.


* Fix Derby map boundaries in a few maps.
* Fix /gang - Leaderboard displaying corrupted data. Reported by Sulps in
* Adjusted delivery pickup in Los Santos for easier truck maneuvering
* Possibly fix Shooter boost bug. Reported by Dave. Please follow up on this, guys


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19 Oct 2018

* General
* Add Last Man Standing event (inspired by SEF). Staff and VIPs can use /lms to select weapons and set up a round.​
* Removed safe zones.​
* Warps. When stunting or completing challenges, it's now easier than ever to train. Simply use /sw to save and /lw to restore a warp. Loading a warp will restore one's vehicle to its saved state (position, speed, etc).​

* Revamped challenge system
* Add /challenges, which provides an overview of our challenges.​
* If a challenge has a required vehicle, one must stay in it.​
* Fix clearly on-foot challenges being winnable in a vehicle (e.g., parkours, /od and /sd). Reported by Pacheco in
* Fix /objects being usable.​
* Object streaming is enabled by default in challenges.​

* Improvements to race building
* Cleaned up /rb -> Help​
* Add /dupcp which will duplicate a selected checkpoint. After duplication, the new checkpoint is automatically selected. This makes it possible to put checkpoints in between other checkpoints.​
* Fix desired vehicle not saving with an accepted submission.​

* VIP system changes
* Announce when VIP members join the server (as we do with staff).​
* Custom label feature now requires VIP.​
* Add private chat for VIP members, to be accessed through /vchat. Suggested by @Polarbear

* Other fixes
* Fix players not being removed from a gang war properly if they are kicked from a gang.​
* Fix players being able to use /kill when spectating. Reported by Faker​
* Fix trailer vehicles being compatible with trailer models as it can cause client crashes. Reported by Dav1d​
* One can no longer put oneself on the hit list. Reported by @Sulps.​
* Fix previous page in the /buyrace menu not working properly. Reported by @Sulps.​
* Various small fixes, as suggested by @Faker.​


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30 Oct 2018 (Halloween Update)

* Pumpkin hunt. Around SA are 50 pumpkins which contain a trick or treat. Find them all for a massive reward of 350EXP and 1mill. Huge shout-out to @BloodR1ng, @Madvillayo and @ely for taking the time to gather locations!
* Goldpots have been replaced with Pumpkins.
* Default time and weather appears spooky. Note, use /mytime and /myweather if you would like to change it.
* Add command /pumpkin to attach a pumpkin object to oneself.
* Add command /halloween for a Halloween bonus!


* Fix message spam related to Private DMs.
* Fix labels being attachable to non VIPs.
* Fix a Derby bug that could glitch spectators if the spectatee leaves the minigame.
* Possibly fix glitchiness that occurs if a DM map changes while someone is driving in a vehicle.
* Change unclaimed gang zone territory color (to stand out more, suggested by @Polarbear)
* Start work on cleaning up chat messages - adjusted visibility of some to reduce spam.
* Remove slot 8 weapons from gang turf wars (grenades/molotoves).
* TDM now rewards players 3XP (from 1).
* Add money to stats.


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17 Nov 2018

Battle Royale minigame:
* A survival minigame in which the last alive player wins.​
* Per tradition, there are various items in the form of pickups hidden around the map, which are to be used to survive. Currently there are only weapons, ammo, and health pickups with plans to expand item features in the future.​
* Inventory. Default weapon switching has been replaced by an inventory. Weapons are to be reloaded/armed/etc through the inventory. It can be opened with the Y key while playing, see here for a preview.​
All in all, this feature's future development will be decided on feedback. In developing this, we sought to try something different so we urge you to get involved in shaping this feature! There will likely be bugs we couldn't find, we urge you to report those as well.​


* Removed some pointless chat messages, which'll help reduce spam. Suggested by @ScrIN.​
* NRG-500 is now required and enforced in challenge /nrgskill.​
* Removed Spiral from challenges lineup (abuse).​
* Killstreaks now start from 5 kills (from 3).​
* Make goldpots stream slightly faster.​


* Fixed multiplier value rounding issue, reported by Conan in
* Fixed suspect not being properly released if the cop is killed before the transport to jail is initiated. Reported by @Messi.​
* Fixed ability to use /helpmeup in challenges. Reported by Pacheco.​
* Fixed Private DMs not properly ending if the host disconnects and the party contains players who haven't joined. Reported by @Faker.​
* Fixed a few issues in gun game. Reported by @Polarbear.​
* Probably fixed a player invitation dialog issue in PrivDMs. Reported by @Messi.​

Map updates (Big thanks to @Madvillayo)

* Extraordinary new Drag race map (click)​
* Add 3 custom mapped houses (one of which is at /drag).​


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18 Nov 2018

* Improved AFK detector.
* Add ability for staff to stream songs via /radio. Suggested by @Goku.

Battle Royale:

* Attempt to reduce chances of glitching camera.
* Add time limit of 10 minutes to rounds.
* Add textdraw which indicates remaining time and players remaining.
* Add some new weapons.
* Disabled melee weapons due to SA-MP/GTA:SA issue (note: this only applies for our current map).
* Map fixes by @Madvillayo.


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9 December 2018


  • Snow fall fight deathmatch! Join /snowball and use LMB to throw snow at opponents! Thanks to @Madvillayo for the excellent map!
  • Annual Santa hunt! Thanks to @Madvillayo for gathering positions, there are 50 in total to be found. Final reward includes 50XP and $500,000!
  • Let it snow! Snow can be streamed by using /snow. It is off by default in case it causes lag.
  • Additional Minigun DM arena, thanks to @NoType
  • Add /santa which will give you a gift from Santa cawfee
  • Add /santahat which will give you Christmas hat!


  • Adjusted maximum scale limit for player object attachments
  • Fix neutral gang zones sometimes having different colors and changed the default color to clear up confusion
  • Fix weapons grenade and RPG not being removed from Inventories in Battle Royale
  • Fix double leave message in Private DMs
  • Fix tram vehicle being spawnable in races


  • Add revamped Waterfall map by @Madvillayo
  • Removed poor quality Sumo 1 map
  • Performance improvements
  • Add support for specific round vehicles

[Map Updates]

  • Remove Stunt Hangar
  • Add cave extension to Drag, courtesy of @Madvillayo


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1 Jan 2019

Happy New Year, dear SFSEers!

  • Fixed IRC. We're now on a different server as our former server has by all indications closed down. Click here for the updated details.
  • Add brief descriptions for weapon slots for custom weapon sets (/weaponset).
  • Reinstate safe zones for spawn areas.
  • Probably fix issues with spectators and object streaming, thanks to @Kostas for reporting.
  • Fix bugged spectator state if a player challenges someone to a duel, uses /spec and the challenge is later accepted.
  • Fix objects not being streamed in Gun Game.
  • Fix random respawn and erroneous leave message if an invitation is revoked in a Private DM. Reported by @DarkVengeance in
  • Retreating in a turf war will now cost a gang three goldstars.
  • Fixed many issues with the Cops and Robbers minigame.
  • Add map icon display for the next checkpoint for races. Suggested by @SimpleX in
  • Incorporate race search ability into /racerecords and /loadrace.
  • Add spectator notice for usage of /reset.
  • Disqualify racers who are not driving a vehicle when the race starts.
  • Fix races not ending properly if there are finished racers and the last racer disconnects. Thanks to @Kostas and @S!lent for their help.
  • Fix bug where passengers of racers are sent to the main virtual world (when the driver leaves the race. Reported by @S!lent in
  • Fix client lag players were experiencing when joining.
  • Fix spectators of racers seeing visual glitching when collisions are disabled.
[Map updates]
  • Implement awesome map by Jackob, with heavy reconstruction and revamp work by @Madvillayo, entitled 1337land (/1337land). It is an extension to the game's world. It blends nicely with the existing GTA:SA map and the quality is superb. Check it out!
  • Revamped /wallride, thanks to @Madvillayo!
  • Remove NRG Skill
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5 February 2019

  • Players can now use /voteredo in races if they have finished the race and there are other racers.
  • Duels will start after 10 seconds (from 15).
  • Reduce spam from Gang businesses.
  • Fix Courier bug which would teleport one outside of their house. Reported by @Phantom.
  • Fix weapons not being given when leaving safe areas. Reported by @Polarbear.
  • Fix top online time accounting on the homepage. Reported by @Nightmare.


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16 March 2019


* Spawn point vehicle pickups now provide the visual vehicle selection for ease
* Add some helpful pickups at spawn points to aid newcomers


* Fix vehicle addons being removed when passengers exit a spawn vehicle that doesn't belong to them
* Fix /wallride teleport destination
* Possibly fix eerie bug where people would randomly be teleported while participating in a DM.
* Fix vehicles/and sometimes players falling at the /dc (Drift City) spawn point. Thanks to @Polarbear for reporting.
* Fix /godmode being toggleable while taking damage. Thanks to Faker for reporting.
* Fix business interiors being in the same virtual world. Thanks to @Sulps for reporting.
* Probably fix robber's becoming bugged if they die while being arrested. Thanks to @Kostas for reporting.
* Fix vehicles having NOS by default in Cops and Robbers
* Possibly fix chance of seeing overlapped mazes. Thanks to @Kostas for bringing this to my attention.
* Fix /color being usable in Cops and Robbers and Team DM

[Map updates]

Add new Derby map, entitled 'Jungle Cross'. Thanks to @NoType for this excellent work!
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* Players are now informed if one makes a race time in the top 10!
* Gang zones will be unclaimed (and locked) in the event of all defenders retreating from a turf war.


* Fix players being disqualified from on-foot races for "not driving a vehicle". Reported by @Kostas.
* Fix gang member counters not including the owner. Reported by @Faker.
* Fix race submissions list not reflecting a player's name after it was changed.
* Fix teleports sometimes showing the wrong command name. Reported by @Polarbear and @Shaan.
* Fix spectators being able to start countdowns. Reported by @Kostas.
* Fix names with a '=' symbol not being recognized as valid.
* Fix a broken spawn point at /war. Reported by @Kostas.
* Fix Wallride completions not registering in some cases. Reported by @Kostas.
* Fix various issues with spectating, please report any additional quirks.
* Fix races ending if a racer (among many) leaves as soon as the countdown starts. Reported by @Shaan
* Fix virtual world sometimes not being set when leaving one's house. Reported by @Silent
* Fix chance of spawning personal vehicles in minigames. Discovered by @Messi
* Fix dangerous vehicles not being destroyed when abused. Reported by @BloodR1ng
* Fix trains being useable as trailers. Reported by @Habris.

[Cops and Robbers]

* Teams are now protected at their respective bases. Players will be notified if they enter an opposing team's base.
* Freeze robbers in transport to prevent attempts to exit the transport vehicle. This will also prevent damage from other cops and prevent arrest disruption.
* Reduce time required to rob a store.
* Remove sawn-off shotgun from robber's arsenal. It can still be purchased within the minigame.
* Reduce amount of bullets provided in stock weapon sets.
* Robbers can now see the time they must wait between robberies.
* Enable vehicle friendly fire for teams. One caveat: due to a SA-MP bug, tires of teammate vehicles can be popped.
* Fix Ammunation being unusable. Reported by @Polarbear.

Many thanks to @Kostas for the suggestions!

[Map Updates]

* Add two new Duel (/duel) maps, Egypt and City Hall.
* Revamped Derby Waterfall map.

Huge thanks goes to @Madvillayo for his fine mapping work!


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10 May 2019


* Add support for admin controlled private worlds. Staff will now have artistic freedom to create and manage events. Staff can manipulate aspects such as weapons, object streaming, vehicle collisions and more. Public and private events are also supported!
* Armor is now enabled for everyone in deathmatches!
* Race and their submission counterpart now support a nitro toggle!
* The traditional Gangwar has returned! As before, it is a team deathmatch arranged by two gangs for a cash reward. It features upgrades and fixes.
* Add stricter requirements for gang creation to cut down on inactive gangs.


* Fix issues with maps and Private Deathmatches. Reported by @Shaan.
* Fix previewing of an onfoot race returning an error about not driving a vehicle. Reported by @Shaan
* Fix player interior getting messed up if they join an onfoot race when previously being in a house. Reported by @Shaan.
* Fix inability to spawn vehicles in business delivery missions.
* Fix objects not being streamed in Minigun DM. Reported by @Madvillayo.
* Fix passengers not being teleported with a driver in a race sometimes and instances where they were left in the race vworld.
* Fix chance of having no vehicle collisions from a race. Thanks to @Kostas, @Silent and @Bassam for investigating and reporting.
* Fix anti death evade mechanism kicking in for differing deathmatches.
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