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This topic will contain updates applied to the server and will be regularly updated.

30th December 2017

  • Fix business data corruption which made it appear businesses were owned by 0.
  • Fix race object streaming behavior, as pointed out by @Black_ouT in
  • Fix object streaming not being re-disabled for the player if they had joined a race with it disabled.
  • Fix gangs not being able to purchase businesses. Reported by @TheDarkness.
  • Fix wrongful /warn behavior. Reported by Shadow.
  • Altered flipping behavior to behave as it did in the PAWN version. Reported by @TheDarkness, et al
  • Fix undefined behavior resulting if someone opened up the TDM selection menu, doesn't respond to it, then goes to a different minigame and later responds to the selection. Discovered by @Shinobi.
30th December 2017  #2

  • Fix /housecar get not properly retrieving the house vehicle. Reported by @BloodR1ng
  • Fix bugged spawns in deathmatch island, as reported by @Akira.
  • Possibly fix the maze having two winners if they "escape" at the relative same time. Please let me know.
  • Fix fatal flaw in the race-building feature that would crash the server if one deleted their first CP.
  • Probably fix gang businesses not generating income.
  • Fix possibility of selecting unathenticated users to duel in the duel->select a player dialog.
  • Made spawn zones "weapons-free" to deter spawn killing.
  • Fix whispers being visible from IRC.
  • /lastpms will now display the last 5 received messages.
  • Fix /eject sending a message to the wrong player. Reported by @Tezla.
  • Minor adjustment to gang goldstars: a gangwar will earn the winning gang 10 goldstars, and taking part in a delivery mission will earn the winning gang five of them.
  • Fix textual glitch in the /donate dialog. Reported by @Tezla.
  • Remove some older vehicles that no longer serve a use.
  • [PAWN->C++] Ported vehicle spinning effect (/spin). Suggested by @BloodR1ng.

I encourage you all to continue reporting issues, or missing features.

Thank you!
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1 January 2018

  • Fix undefined behavior in the house-car dialog.
  • Fix players not being able to join the gangwar while the countdown is in progress.
  • Fix staff being able to use /caps on eachother. Reported by @BloodR1ng.
  • Fix gang invitations not wrapping to the next line. Possibly fixes client crashes certain players were experiencing.
  • Fix the occasional erroneous weapon hack warnings staff were receiving.
  • Fix object streaming not being considered while joining deathmatches such as DMIsland. Reported by @Tezla.
  • Fix derby objects not being shown for spectators of derby participants. Reported by @Tezla
  • Fix race-top textdraw display in the event the last remaining record is deleted by a staff member.
  • Possibly fix a crash associated with leaving gang-wars.
  • Possibly fix the team deathmatch counter displaying huge values if a round is aborted.
  • Possibly fix issues with derby freezing. Please report back on this one.
  • Add clarification to some achievements, as suggested by @xShadow.
  • Add /gangchat as a synonym for chat prefix ! to message gang members. Suggested by @Akira.
  • Weapons such as grenades or molotovs are now disabled in deathmatches.
  • Fix VIPs being able to teleport to staff members although their preference disallows teleporting.
  • Add /asay to emphasize certain staff messages. Suggested by some team members.
  • Disable music in Derby.
1 January 2018 # 2

  • If a player purchased a house which previously had a house-car, this could lead to a crash. This has been fixed. Thanks to @Shinobi for the discovery.
  • Add gang-zones on the map to indicate to players where the spawn zones are.
  • Fix players being unable to spawn planes and some other vehicles. However, spawning of them is forbidden in spawn zones.
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2 January 2018

  •  POSSIBLY demolition derby freezing without explanation. More information:
  •  POSSIBLY fix nondeath event as noted in Please let me know whether this is resolved.
  •  Fix house furniture objects not being destroyed if a player uses /myhouse to sell their house.
  •  Fix goldstars not saving. Sorry guys :(
  •  Player deaths that occur in duels will now be reflected in their stats. Thanks to Akira for reporting.
  •  Houses are now properly locked and their previous names removed when they are sold.


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3 January 2018



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6 January 2018

  •  Improved reliability of vehicle warping anti-cheat. There should be no more false warnings.
  •  Fix ramps (/ramps) not disappearing properly (either automatically or by creating more than three).
  •  Weapons are now given to players who join team-deathmatch in the middle of a round.
  • Players should have no issues joining /tdm if they were previously in a different interior or in a vehicle.
  • Players will now automatically switch to the next available spectator if the person they are spectating loses a round in derby.
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7 January 2018

  •  Implement hit sounds which are played when a player is shot. This can be enabled through /hitsounds or in the /settings menu.
  •  Fix a crash related to gang-wars. Thanks to Akira for discovering.
  •  House vehicle addons are now disabled until the end of the debugging process.
Again, huge thanks goes to everyone who has been providing us feedback. To promote continued feedback, we now offer bug bounties. Please see here for more information.
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9 January 2018

  • Fix team deathmatch score not resetting if a round is aborted due to insufficient participants.
  • Disabled deadly weapons such as RPGs and Heat-Seekers due to abuse.
  • Fixed option "bet on a duel" not working if one tried to bet on a given duel from the /duel menu.
  • Improved user-friendliness of the /duel menu. Duels can be spectated directly as opposed to the difficult process it was before.
  • Eliminated possibility of changing names to a length of two characters. The SA-MP limit is actually three characters. Thanks to @Tezla for reporting.


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11 January 2018

  • Fix antifall returning a passenger to the bike they were previously in when teleporting (/teles).
  • Fix possibility of getting weapons in green zones.
  • Fixed issue in business creation function, expect to see more businesses soon!
  • Race submissions can now properly be denied by staff.
  • Godmode can no longer be turned on if the player has under 25% health.
  • Fix possibility of disabling the neon, siren or headlights of a player's vehicle as a passenger.
  • When a change is made to a custom weaponset, the player will now be armed with the selected weapon. Suggested by @Tezla.
  • Display the teleport command in the welcome message as it was in the PAWN server. Thanks to @Tezla for the suggestion.
  • House vehicles will now respawn every 2 mins (was 15 seconds previously).
  • Included option to remove a wheel preference for vehicles (/wheels -> Default)
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14 January 2018

  • Hit sounds now play properly.
  • If a server race is unused, it will not appear in the /racevote menu. Reported by BloodRing.
  • Almost certainly fixed attachments being misattached to players. Keep me informed!
  • Gangs can now be renamed via /gang -> Rename.
  • Fix wrongful removal in the maze minigame some people were experiencing.
Behind the scenes, work is underway on a new minigame. Stay tuned!


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23 January 2018

* Fixed nonexistent /randplate command (was in PAWN).
* Fixed custom text label preference not saving properly.
* Fixed player still being marked as in a property if they used /spec while inside of one.
* Fixed the duel/gang invite lists excluding players. The pages now work, as well!
* Fixed glitched spawn behavior if a player joined Derby during a countdown, was previously in a house, and the map used is Rooftops. Excellent discovery by @Black_ouT
* Ramps are now shown to everyone (not just the player using it) when used.
* Improved input validation throughout the gamemode.
* Improved consistency of object streaming preference when leaving minigames.
* Implemented an on the run gang-zone creator for staff. Yes, the rumors are true :D Gang zones are coming!


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24 January 2018

* Fix possibility of players editing objects if they left their house while changing furniture. Reported by @Zulo
* Fixed possibility of spectators retrieving gold-pots. Reported by @Mauri
* Improvements to the gang zone creator for staff.


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29 January 2018

* Fixed antifall misbehavior, as found by @[DW]Enriko. More information:
* Fixed quite nasty bug that could lead to near infinite goldpot finds. Thanks to the noble reporting of @GeneX
* Fixed the leaving player not being respawned if they left a duel.
* Teaming is no longer forbidden in deathmatching (/rules).
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1 February 2018

* Add central command /dm for joining and providing an overview of deathmatches we offer!
* Add new deathmatches: /rocket (was here before), /deagle, /sawn, /sniper
* Add staff commands /playstream and /stopstream for global music streaming. This will be useful for admin-hosted events!
* Add regular player command /togmusic to toggle the global music stream at any point.
* Fixed non-displaying of user-friendly message that informs players how to leave deathmatches.
* Fixed gang kills not saving from gang wars. Reported by BlackKnight.
* Fixed fallout object issue which would result in duplicate objects shown and no possibility of falling. Reported by @luggi10 .
* Fixed label not correctly being accessible at 50 hours online time.
* Players will now be informed if they receive a private message if they were AFK.
* Removed requirement for spectating. As a result of the celebratory VIP membership gift, many people utilized the feature to report rule breakers.
In appreciation, we have decided to make it available for everyone!
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3 February 2018

* Simplified the class selection process. Many players ran into issues with the older one so hopefully this helps!
* Fixed players not being able to sell their business within the first hour of purchase. More information:
* Fixed possibility of friendly fire in gang wars.
* Removed global streaming features introduced in the last update.
* Skins can no longer be changed unless the player is on foot.
* Players with full health will no longer be able to pick up health drops in deathmatches.


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5 February 2018

* Improved randomness of race voting selection. The previous solution turned out to be biased as tests confirmed. More information:
* Race voting is no longer mandatory and the dialog can be closed freely.
* Removed online time restrictions on weapon sets. Everyone is now free to have pre-set or custom weaponsets.
* Attempted fix of minigame participant counters being inaccurate. Reported in


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15 February 2018

* Introducing gang zones with capturing!
There are nearly 100 gang zones spread around the map. In the center of each one, one will find a pickup with controls. These controls are not accessible unless one is in a gang. If one is, they'll be able to capture the territory (if given permission). The controls in the center of the zone includes additional options for occupied gangs such as naming of the zone, protecting it from attack, and giving up occupancy. If a zone is unclaimed (a gang is not occupying it) it may be claimed by one's gang immediately. However, if it is occupied by another gang, a turf war will begin. A turf war lasts five minutes and is won by outnumbering attackers to defenders in the zone. If there are fewer attackers than defenders, the zone is not captured. At most, a gang can control 10 territories. For each hour a gang occupies a turf, there is a payout. The payout amount of generated based on the amount of hours the zone is occupied. Being the initial release, there may be bugs. Please report them and they will be fixed as soon as possible.
* NEW skill map: NRG Parkour, which can be accessed using /nrgparkour. I warn you, it is quite challenging! Credits to @NoType. Please see the related challenge about this.
* Fixed gang member permission to manage businesses not working.
* Fixed gangs not properly gaining revenue from businesses.
* Fixed hit sounds being played when teammates were shot.
* Fixed new gang members not showing in the /gang -> Members dialog. Affected players, please rejoin the gang.
* Another attempted fix of DM counter miscounts. More information:
* Add command /vcmd as a shortcut to the /cmds -> Vehicles menu.
* Include team deathmatch into the /dm menu.
* For user friendliness, the help textdraw is now shown at all times.
* Spectators will now see server objects as the spectatee does (disabled, if they do and vice versa).
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16 February 2018

* Fixed weapons not being given to participants of turf wars if they joined the turf war with godmode enabled.
* Players can no longer teleport to their owned turfs while a turf war is ongoing.
* Ability to edit gang zones on the fly for staff. Feel free to ask higher level staff to resize zones which may be too small or large.
* Fixed gungame weapon switching not working correctly for some users, as reported in
* Race building improvements:
- Race constructors now have the ability to preview their race on the fly. During the preview, one should disable /speedboost
as it is not available in actual racing. See /racebuild -> Preview race
- Improved handling of submissions. They are now directly shown for selection.
- Improved help documentation and made it more readable.
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