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25 May 2019


* Add a One Shot deathmatch. As the title suggests, it will take one shot to kill a fellow player. Weapons are automatically switched and the selection currently includes Silenced Pistol, Deagle, Shotgun, and Sniper.
* Work around SA-MP bug which desyncs players when their throat is cut from a knife. Players should be properly killed now.
* Teles -> Skill maps now redirects to our modern /challenges dialog.
* Reduce the chance of players falling underneath the map at races and at various teleports. Due to lag, this can not be entirely prevented but it should be significantly reduced now. Please note, this is rather experimental so do report any issues.
* Add /afkers to display a list of players currently AFK (with a pretty timestamp).
* Improved Derby to allow for explosions as the few moments it gives can be critical to victory. Previously players were removed when their vehicle caught fire.
* Performance improvements.


* Fix players remaining frozen in CnR if the cop abandons the transport vehicle. Reported by @Polarbear
* Fix /nos being potentially usable in non-nitro races.
* Fix only cops having armor in CnR. Reported by @SimpleX
* Fix race toptime message formatting and an issue where a player would see a completely wrong time. Reported by @Sulps
* Fix bugged spectator state which might happen to Derby players. This is due to a SA-MP bug.
* Fix wheel preference not being applied unless autotune is enabled. If autotune is enabled, random wheels will be set if there is no preference. Reported by @S!lent

[Map updates]


* Implement the first ever Underwater Derby map. Yes. It's as awesome as it sounds!
* Update Drag map. The map is much smoother now and some bugs were fixed.
* Huge update to 1337land. Adds a new island, bug fixes, performance improvements and custom houses!


* Adjust ramps near Hoover Dam which blocked the road.
* Fix missing object in an LV wallride.
* Fix very small object in IP3's wallride (was barely perceptible but could still lead to failure).
* Remove some pointless objects in LV which blocked roads or generally served no use.
* Implement THREE new Skydive challenges, thanks to SEF. They live in a new category in /teles - Skydives. More on the way.
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21 June 2019


* Add support for new race types: Multiple Vehicle and Custom.

A multiple vehicle race is similar to a regular race; difference being support for checkpoints which change a racer's current vehicle.
A custom race is a race where vehicle nitro and repair usage are controlled by checkpoints and current race progress. Vehicle changing is supported as well.
Special checkpoints introduced by these types are denoted by a text label during the race. Click here and here for a example!

* Car hide (/carhide). Ever felt laggy in a race with many players or distracted by others? Use /carhide to race privately. Thanks to @Bassam for suggesting.
* Hydraulics can no longer be applied during a race.
* Vehicles can no longer be spawned during a race.
* Players can now vote for redo if they've finished the race and others are still racing.
* Message to vote for the next race will only be shown if there isn't another race in queue.
* Fix nitro not being removed from vehicles in races with nitro disabled and no required vehicle preference.
* Fix possibility of player object streaming not being in accordance with a race's preference
* Fix object streaming not returning to preference if spectating a racer who uses /leave. Reported by Kostas.

[Race Building]

* Add support for Multiple Vehicle and Custom race types.

/vcp - Adds a vehicle change checkpoint. One's current vehicle is used as the swap vehicle. Suppose you are building a race with an Infernus as the starting vehicle and you would like to change to a Sandking. Simply spawn a Sandking and then use /vcp.
/rcp - Adds a repair checkpoint. This will repair a racer's vehicle.
/ncp - Adds a nitro checkpoint. When entered, it will apply the nitro component to a racer's vehicle.
/rncp - Adds a repair and nitro checkpoint. This will both repair the racer's vehicle and add the nitro component.
Updated Checkpoints dialog (/rb -> Checkpoints) to denote special checkpoints.

* Race previewing now calculates time taken and displays it when finished. Suggested by @S!lent
* Map icons are now visible to denote the next CP location as in regular races. Suggested by @Sulps.
* Improved help documentation. See /rb -> Help.
* Fix nitro being usable while previewing a race which disallows it.
* Fix previewing status remaining set after a new submission is loaded if one was previewing a race earlier.
* Fix vehicle angle not being properly set when previewing a race or selecting a CP.
* Fix race settings (nitro and object streaming) not being transferred properly in an accepted submission. Apologies to those who thought their races were being tampered with!
* Fix inability to use /rb after finishing a race.


Thanks to @Faker for reporting issues.

* Fix damage toggle not working properly.
* Fix players taking fall damage when they shouldn't.
* Fix glitched removal when players are in vehicles
* Fix arming players not working properly.
* Fix players not being eliminated from the world after death if configured so


* Fix MMB wrongly setting a vehicle's virtual world. Reported by @Kostas
* Fix courier and business delivery missions not ending when the required vehicles are destroyed. Reported by @Sulps
* Fix missing join message for GunGame.
* Fix logic error in spectate switch code
* Fix robber not being unfrozen if the patrol vehicle is destroyed
* Fix /getcolor not showing the complete hex code when the red channel is 0. Reported by @Sulps.
* Fix issues with teleporting to a business while in a vehicle. Reported by @DarkVengeance
* Enable friendly fire for team vehicles in CnR
* Add two secret house interiors. Thanks to nigelben for pointing them out
* Add gym interior for businesses. Suggested by @Zulo
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27 July 2019

* Stunt Wars

To reignite interest in stunting, we have designed a competitive stunting minigame. Stunts start periodically and run for 20 minutes. In this time, anyone will be able to join using /swar and attempt to complete the stunt by entering and remaining in the checkpoint for 5 seconds. Each stunt allows /s and /l (NUM 2 as a hotkey to /l) to be utilized since there are multiple ways a stunt may be completed. There is an arrow pickup which will serve as a guide on how to perform a stunt.
Once one completes the stunt, the stunt ends and is consequently controlled by that player. Our system supports unlimited stunts and they can be created and managed on the fly by higher level staff. There are currently 40 to start.

Credit largely goes to @Madvillayo; whose ideas and framework for this minigame made it possible! He is also responsible for all of the lovely stunts!

* User interface improvements. The bar textdraw (which formerly indicated players in minigames) has been removed and replaced. There is now a global announcement textdraw to encourage participation in minigames and a tip textdraw for informational messages.
* Weapon can now be bought at any time through /buyweapon or /weapons. Conditions apply.
* Deaths are no longer counted against stats in the Shooter minigame.
* Fix objects potentially being bugged for spectators of racers.
* Fix players remaining in internal spectating state if they die while spectating. Reported by @Kostas
* Fix challenges not spawning the required vehicle when the player was in a vehicle already. Reported by @Bassam and @Luis.
* Fix ability to use a different trailer in the /delivery minigame. Reported by @Sulps
* Fix delivery mission ending when a player's vehicle was destroyed. Reported by @Sulps
* Fix race top time notification not displaying if a player had a top time before that, or if it's worse. Reported by @Sulps.
* Fix animations not working the first time.
* New and improved animations (/anims):
/siteat, /sit (added 6 styles), /cheer, /deal, /dj, /smoke, /walk (added 20 styles), /dance (added 9 styles), /nobreath, /signal, /wave (adds 2 new styles), /gesture, /chat /handwash, /rap, /salute, /cry, /checktime, /sleep

Map updates

* Infernus Skills II. Huge thanks to @IroniZ who submitted this map to me over a year ago.
* Moved Trackmania III to avoid conflicting with Trackmania II. Trackmania II can now be completed nicely!
* Minor update to @Madvillayo's 1337land
* Remove Monster Hay


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6 Sep 2019


* Fix various Stunt War bugs. Thanks to everyone who reported issues! :)
* Fix only 5 gang join invitations showing while there are more.
* Fix Stunts not reflecting the controllers new name after they had changed it.
* Stunts landed have been added to the /stats dialog.
* Add Stunt God achievement (land 200 stunts).
* Add Stunt War to the /minigames dialog. Thanks @Sulps for suggesting.
* Deaths should no longer count in the Shooter minigame. Thanks to @panulis for noting.
* Add command /cptype for race builders to change the type of a checkpoint on the fly.

[Map updates by @Madvillayo ]

* Aweome new Derby additions: Pyramids, Hawaii and King of the Hill!
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12 Oct 2019

Happy Halloween!

Featured in this update is our annual pumpkin hunt. There are a total of fifty pumpkins hidden around the San Andreas map. Each pumpkin will contain a "trick or treat" and there will be a generous reward given when all fifty are found. Thanks to @Madvillayo for gathering the positions!​

* New Survivor minigame! It is a team survival based minigame featuring "killers" and "survivors". Killers are armed with only a chainsaw and the ability to place traps and survivors are unarmed, left to find weapons around the vast map. The killers can win by eliminating all survivors and survivors can win by either surviving for a period of time or by killing all killers with discovered weapons. Idea and map courtesy of @Madvillayo.
* Replace Minigun (/mg) Atrium map with an arena near the outskirts of LV.
* Add option to hide/show all textdraws at once in /tdsettings (or /settings -> Textdraw preferences). Suggested by @Madvillayo
* Fix possibility of dying in Stunt Wars when falling from far heights. Reported by @Madvillayo.
* Fix weapons being carried over when they shouldn't be. Reported by @Silent
* Reduce chance of being lodged in the ground after using /reset in a race. Reported by @Madvillayo.
* Probably fix flying as a result of world boundaries being set in Private Deathmatches. Reported by @Shaan
* Fix text labels streaming in for players who have chosen not to see them (/textlabels). Reported by @Madvillayo
* Stunt Wars now have a difficulty rating which effects their reward values. Suggested by @Madvillayo
* Fix collisions being possibly disabled in a stunt war if the player joining was previously racing. Reported by @Silent
* Fix interior being invalid in a courier job if started in a house or business. Reported by @Shaan.
* Fix passengers being teleported to a Stunt War. Reported by @Panos
* Fix gang zone remaining in a flashing state if someone left a gang that was under attack. Reported by @Polarbear.

Map updates (by @Madvillayo)

* NEW Jizzy's spawn point (/sf)


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30 Nov 2019

Happy Holidays from the SFSE Team!

* Per our annual tradition, we are running our Santa hat hunt. Thanks to @BloodR1ng for working with me to gather positions. Happy hunting! :)
* /snowball is back, and with several bug fixes and improvements!
* /xmas featuring a holiday party area.
* /snow to make it snow!
* Fix a Stunt War bug that resulted in passengers entering the world.


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17 Jan 2020

* Key num 2 for position restoration (/lpos) now works in Freeroam. Please note, this only works while in a vehicle.
* Carhide now works in Stunt Wars as well (/carhide).
* New command /togload to toggle num 2 position load shortcut.
* Weapons everywhere! Players are now armed with weapons all the time and safe zones no longer remove them. Please note, damage is still disabled in safe areas and this is experimental.
* Joining a gang now informs joining member of the basics of gangs (the /gang command and chat prefix).
* /gang -> Members now displays whether a member is online.
* Fix teleportation to a gang zone not resetting virtual world.
* Stunt wars can no longer be won on foot.
* Fix players being able to repeatedly add hydraulics to their vehicles.
* VIP members now have an attached text label showing their status.
* Derby maps now support custom time and weather.

Map updates

* TWO new Derby maps by NoType - Atlantis and Project Zero.
* UPDATED Pyramids map by Madvillayo.
* Fix spawnpoints for Waterfall.


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28 Feb 2020


* Export minigame now shows how much time one has to deliver the wanted vehicle.
* Add new arena "LS Boat" to the Private DM arena choices. Thanks @Madvillayo.
* Add THREE new exterior deathmatch locations to /deagle. Thanks @Madvillayo.
* Add TEN drift locations - see /drift for a listing. Courtesy of @Madvillayo.
* /top now includes "Best Stunters" - those who have won the most Stunt Wars.
* Stunt War waiting time has been reduced to 3 minutes (was 5 before).
* Races waiting time has been reduced to 30 seconds (from 60 before). Thanks @Amaluna.
* Players will be spawned properly within the start CP of a race. Thanks to @Sulps for pointing out issues.
* Car jacking will no longer be possible during the wait time for a race. Thanks @Amaluna.
* Player gangs will now earn a goldstar for every 10th killstreak. Thanks @Messi.
* Refine server rules a tad. Thanks to @Amaluna.
* Players are now informed of the arena's name when a deathmatch map is changed.
* FIX regression of /vr from the last update.
* FIX regression of custom weapon set slot one in last update. Thanks to @Codriver for reporting.
* FIX weapon purchasing not working in Cops and Robbers.
* FIX house vehicle not being removed from gang turf wars. Reported by @Codriver.
* FIX key NUM 2 (control submission) not behaving as a /flip shortcut when /togload is disabled.

Map updates:

* TWO new Derby maps: Nujabes by @Madvillayo and Vulcano by @NoType.


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10 April 2020

* Introducing Shooter: Capture the Flag. This is a team based minigame where the team that captures the most flags wins. Teams are Red and Blue and the objective is to steal the opposing team's flag and return it to the team base to score. Projectiles can be fired with LMB and are used to attack and defend flags. The command to join is /ctf and there is a /ctfhelp command for help as well.
* Teams are automatically balanced and players are randomly assigned to them to promote fairness.
* When certain gameplay events happen, there is a announcement audio stream played. This requires the game's radio to not be disabled. The chat messages can be hidden with /audiomsg (SA-MP client command)
* Includes three arenas in automatic rotation.
* Rounds last 10 minutes or until a team captures 5 flags.
* Anti Kamikaze. It is not possible for a vehicle to be used as an explosive weapon.
* Improved vehicle projectile system (shooter):
* Vehicle angle is now considered for direction.
* Projectile hits are more accurate.
* Kill detection for projectiles. We can detect accurately who fired a projectile at whom and whether they died from it.
* Friendly fire is disabled. It is not possible to destroy a teammate's vehicle with a projectile.

This minigame replaces the Shooter minigame the server previously had. Thanks to @IroniZ for mapping and helping with testing and ideas. Also thanks to @Luis and @bear for help testing.

* Add visual speedometer! It can be enabled with /speedo(meter) and it has the option to switch between KMH and MPH units with /speedotype. Its preference is also persistent.
* Add Chainsaw deathmatch (/chainsaw)! Players aren't visible on the minimap to make it more exciting. Thanks to @Kostas for the suggestion.
* Revert Deagle arena change of last update due to feedback. The LVPD station remains.
* Deaths without a valid killer no longer count against stats and hence KDR.
* Improved validation of killer for deaths. All invalid kills should be quashed now.
* Reinstate Godmode text label. Suggested by @bear.
* Improve /vr user friendliness - thanks to @Pointless.
* Jetpack is now disabled in gang turf wars. Thanks to @Sulps for reporting.
* Add _experimental_ Stunt War anti cheat. This is designed to ensure stunts are completed in their intended fashion and not by finding alternative ways. Thanks to @Aut0psia for suggesting.
* Fix an issue where houses and businesses could be entered in minigames they should not have been.
* Fix players having a chance of dying from falling from heights or from bikes.
* Fix /housecar get not having the proper vehicle Z angle. Thanks @S!lent for reporting.
* Fix an issue with house furniture objects. Thanks @S!lent for reporting.
* Fix not being able to deselect a weapon in the Private Deathmatch weapons dialog.
* Fix racers getting a message when they fall off a bike and antifall puts them back on. Thanks to @BloodR1ng for reporting.
* /attachments can now be used in minigames - this is to allow for easy disabling of them.
* VIP members now gain 10% vehicle health in minigames such as Derby and CTF.
* New achievements:
* Gangster - Kill someone with a pistol whip
* Supporter - Become a VIP member
* Team Player - Capture a flag in /ctf
* MVP - Capture 3 flags in a round of /ctf

* UPDATED Infernus Skills II map by @NoType and @IroniZ.
* NEW race map Neverland by DeLeTe & Aisen. Huge thanks goes to @IroniZ and @Madvillayo for helping me make this possible in SA-MP.
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24 April 2020


* Greatly improved server performance. It should feel visibly faster thanks to various optimizations.
* Improved object streaming performance and visibility.
* Improved quality of driving experience on race maps. The camera will no longer be obstructive.
* Fix PrivDMs leaving objects streamed for players who prefer them disabled when it ends. Thanks to @Bassam for reporting.
* Fix world boundary issue when leaving PrivDMs. Thanks to @Bassam for reporting.
* Fix players being able to use jetpacks to their advantage in Courier (/courier).
* Fix chat prefix # returning nothing in chat if the minigame doesn't support chatting. Thanks to @Faker for reporting.
* Fix NUM 2 (submission) not working in Stunt Wars if it had been disabled with /togload.
* Collisions are now disabled in challenges. Thanks to ironiz, Shaan, et. al for suggesting.
* Collisions are now disabled for other vehicles in courier.
* Key submission (NUM 2) now functions as flip by default. Should /lpos be desired, use /togload.
* Add /rbexit as a synonym to /clearrace to quickly exit race building. Suggested by @Bassam
* Players must now wait 5 seconds after entering a new checkpoint before using /reset in races.
* VIP members can now create and manipulate their own private world (/privworld). This makes it possible for events to be done, for example.


* Revamped scoreboard! Thanks to @IroniZ for designing this with me.
* Add 3 second spawn protection. During this time, players won't be able to shoot projectiles nor take damage.
* Add team chat ability with chat prefix #
* Add statistic "Flags Captured" to stats. This also adds an achievment "Flagship" for capturing 750 flags.
* Add section Best CTF players to /top to show who has captured the most flags.
* Remove audio streams due to the client lag they cause in large bursts.
* Attempt to further improve accuracy of projectiles.
* Fix camera not being trained at the arena sometimes. Thanks to @S!lent for reporting.
* Fix player marker color not being reset when they capture a flag.

[Map updates]

* Add Infernus Skills III by nave. This is an excellent race map truly designed to test one's skills.
* Add VIP house in LV. Thanks to IroniZ for excellent mapping and for Earl for contributing to the server.
* Fix a shortcut in Neverland and Infernus Skills II. Thanks to @IroniZ
* Style improvements to Infernus Skills. Thanks to @IroniZ
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16 May 2020


* Improve /cc to provide a dialog menu for ease of use. The menu can be accessed by typing /carcolor (or /cc) while in a vehicle. Options include saving current vehicle color, setting a custom color, and choosing from preset colors.
* Prevent teleporting to anywhere while one is in a mod shop. This can lead to various glitches. Thanks to @Bassam for reporting.
* Add top online players to the /top leaderboard.
* Money is now nicely formatted in /stats. Suggested by @bear.
* Godmode text label is no longer visible for drivers or passengers.
* Rhinos and other deadly vehicles can no longer be spawned due to persistent abuse.
* Prevent third party bullet damage in gang turf wars.
* Weapons in a Private DM are updated immediately when changed. Thanks to @Silent and @Faker for reporting potential abuses.
* Add command /mapwt for toggling recommended map weather and time. This is off as default as maps look better with the recommended time and weather.
* Warps can no longer be saved in interiors.
* Players who fall off a bike or press enter in a Stunt War (/swar) will be spawned at their saved position if one exists instead of at the general spawnpoint.
* Fix possibility of teleporting to a reaction teleport, and it not counting.
* Fix chance someone couldn't be arrested in CnR. Thanks to @bear for reporting.


* Drastically improve the accuracy of projectiles and compensate for laggers. Accuracy rate is > 90%. Immense thanks to @IroniZ for spending a several hours testing with me!
* If a flag becomes unreachable, it'll be respawned automatically.


* Reset can now only be used once.
* Better management of race passengers:
- They can no longer have weapons and potentially kill other racers.
- They can no longer spawn vehicles.
- Others can no longer teleport to them and interfere with races.
- Their object streaming setting is synced to that of the race.
- Collisions of racers are properly synced, so this looks better as a passenger.
- Once they exit the racer's vehicle, they are removed from the race world.


* Fix business delivery mission ending when a player spawned vehicle is destroyed. It will now only end when the truck is. Thanks to @Bassam for reporting.
* Improve business income reporting. If a player or member of a gang is online at the hour mark, a report will be compiled. The reports will include profit, goods remaining, or final results of the business at the end of the lease period. As before, players will be notified in chat about a new report becoming available and income received. This adds new commands /bizreport and /gbizreport for player and gang businesses, respectively.

[Map updates by @IroniZ]

* Add various world edits. These open up places for exploration that were previously hidden and fixes some bugs. Some goldpots to these locations will follow!
* Add refined Area 69 (War DM) map. It features improvements to the existing map and groovy extensions!
* Add new Derby map - Alien Invasion!
* Add updated Waterjump map - this one is of higher quality and does not block roads!
* Add a secret lair!
* Add mapping and a teleport to Unity Station (/ust). Credits to @Shaan for the idea!
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30 May 2020

[map updates]

* Infernus Paradise IV (/ip4) by @NoType
* Parkour IV by @IroniZ


* Fix house spawning preference not resetting when a house is sold. Thanks to @Silent for reporting.
* Fix house vehicle plate not being reset when a house is sold. Thanks to @Luis for reporting.
* Fix /tognos not working if the preferred nitro style is holding. Thanks to @Kostas for reporting.
* Fix a race not ending properly if racers finished and the last remaining racer dies. Thanks to @Shaan for reporting.
* Fix possibility of creating race checkpoints inside of interiors. Thanks to @Shaan for reporting.
* Fix /dm menu having mixed up options for Chainsaw and PrivDM. Thanks to @Incognito for reporting.
* Fix melee weapons not being updated automaticlally when changed in a Private DM (/privdm). Thanks to @IroniZ and @Shaan for reporting.
* Attachments can now be resized smaller. Thanks to @IroniZ for discovering.
* /mytime now supports an optional minute parameter for better time customization. Example usage: /mytime 6:30
* Fix incorrect date shown in race message. Special thanks to @Kostas for the assistance with this deceptively simple problem!


* Improved validation of gang names. Purely whitespace is no longer accepted and some troublesome characters are disallowed. Thanks to those who discovered.
* Fix chance of a faulty message claiming there are no potential recruits in the /gang -> Invite dialog. Thanks to @Bassam for reporting.
* Fix players possibly getting "stuck" in a gang zone war. Thanks to @Shaan for reporting.
* Selecting a gang in the online /gangs dialog will now show online members of that gang. Thanks to @Shaan for the suggestion.
* Object streaming is now disabled in turf wars for a better deathmatch experience.
* Fix object streaming setting getting messed up for gang members not in a gang war. Thanks to @Bassam for reporting.


* Stunt names are now color coded to denote their difficulty rating. There are three difficulty levels: easy, medium and hard
* Goldstars are now given for medium (1) and hard stunts (2).

Immense thanks to @vodka for taking on the role of Stunt Management and ensuring high quality stunts.


* Fix robbers remaining frozen if the cop transporting them to jail disconnects.
* Reduce range of /ar to be more realistic
* Reduce rob cooldown to a minute (from three)


* The hit box has been adjusted to be more realistic.
* Player blips are now hidden on the radar.
* Fix spawn protection not working.
* Fix client lag experienced by some players when joining and spawning.
* Spawn protection will last for five seconds. During which time one can't shoot projectiles and can't receive damage from them.
* Vehicles are now destroyed faster when blown, reducing the chance of colliding with unoccupied vehicles.
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20 Jun 2020


* Add FPS textdraw (bottom right corner) which'll display one's current FPS. As with other textdraws, this one can be hidden with /tdsettings. This is good to know and it offers nice potential such as encouraging people to improve their FPS through various optimizations. It will also be visible in /stats.
* Increase house furniture allotment to 30 items. Suggested by @Karolina:)
* Players can no longer use animations in challenges.
* Player object attachments are now hidden in Cops and Robbers. Due to skin changes, they wouldn't fit properly. Thanks to @IroniZ for noticing.
* Improve business delivery messaging. The messages will fit on one line now. Thanks to @Madvillayo for pointing out.
* Prevent possibility of finishing an on foot challenge with a jetpack. Thanks to @Kostas for reporting
* Add new statistic - Challenges Completed which will count the number of times challenges were completed from /challenges. Thanks to @Codriver for suggesting.
* Add achievement "Daredevil" for completing 500 challenges.
* Players can no longer send money to those who are on their ignore list (/ignore).
* Remove Survivor minigame due to popular opinion and usability issues. It will be replaced with something far better in the future.
* Improved sync of vehicle collisions and object visibility for spectators
* Improved quality of gameplay when Stunt War time runs out.
* Probably fix random invisible projectiles in CTF. Thanks to @AlanNeos for assistance testing.
* Fix players not respawning in Stunt Wars should they die somehow. Thanks to @Madvillayo for reporting.


* Revamped Gang Rank system. The new system adds a level hierarchy and a smarter interface for managing ranks through /gang -> Ranks.
Unlike before, ranks are created for the gang and members are assigned to them. Overall this means members of the same gang can be assigned the same rank with ease and without duplicate effort. It also means ranks are truly ranks and not merely titles with permissions. Two gang members can have the same permissions but if one is outranked, they aren't able to take actions against that person. Previously this was possible. As a consequence of this new system, all existing gang ranks are erased. This is a small price to pay for a better system and if one is in a gang with an inactive owner, I can make appointments to keep the gang alive.
* Fix gang members not seeing their money being updated when a gang is closed and the vault cash divided amongst members. Thanks to Voltz for reporting.
* Fix gang members not being notified when someone delivers to their gang-owned business. Thanks to @Kostas for reporting.

[Map Updates]

* Trackmania 4 by @nave (/tm4)! This can best be described as a race map for everyone. It's smooth, not too difficult, and enjoyable!
* Minor tweaks to world edits by @IroniZ
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11 Jul 2020


* Prevent players from using forbidden vehicle models as house vehicles. Thanks to everyone for reporting.
* Nitro type toggle now appears in /settings -> Vehicle. Thanks to @bear for noticing its absence.
* Nitro type preference (/nostype) now persists through sessions.
* Textdraw visibility preference (/tdsettings) now persists through sessions.
* Improve quality of warps (/sw, /lw).
* Add statistic for Goldpot finding streaks. Those with the longest streaks will now appear in /top and it will show in /stats.
* Reduce achievement requirements of Flagship to require 500 captured flags (from 750).
* Numerous improvements to /teles, as discussed here.
* Ignoring a player will also hide their messages from the main chat. Suggested by @2Drew here.
* Add $ as a prefix to /vchat (VIP Chat).
* Weapons can now be bought in Freeroam (/weapons).
* Fix PrivDM arena "LS Boats" not having boundaries, thanks to @Sulps for reporting here.
* Fix /reset not putting players back to the checkpoint in their bike if they had fallen into water with it. Thanks to @Plutoid for reporting here.

[Stunt War]

* Custom object support. Offering custom objects improves the quality of stunts we can offer and reduces
the cheating opportunities for a better experience. Huge thanks to @Madvillayo for doing the necessary mapping for this!
* Remove /carhide.
* Camera is now properly set behind players when they load their position (/lpos).


* Robbers can no longer rob the same business in succession.
* Cops can no longer arrest robbers who haven't committed crimes. Crimes will be expanded in the future.
* Improved quality of exiting jail, there is now a nice camera animation and moving prison cell doors.
* Many weapons are now single wield (SMG, Sawn-off shotgun).
* Remove safe areas. Players are given 15 seconds spawn protection instead.
* RPG/Heatseeker can no longer be bought from weapons dealers.
* Police cars are now properly colored and are no longer rainbow.
* Add safeguard against cops or robbers leaving businesses when an arrest is in progress. Thanks to @Kostas for reporting issues
* Various drops (health, weapons etc) are now disabled.
* Fix possibility of bypassing arrest timer when exiting a vehicle as a cop. Thanks to @Bassam for reporting.
* Fix players being able to buy weapons anywhere, which fixes many accompanying problems.
* Fix dead robbers being able to be arrested. Thanks to @Plutoid for reporting here.
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Server Owner

Trick or Treat?!? SFSE's annual Halloween update is here!

* Find 50 pumpkins, scattered around the map, and you'll be rewarded 250 EXP, and $1,000,000 cash!
* Use /pumpkin to...turn yourself into a pumpkin!


[Map Updates]

* Added a new teleport, beautifully mapped by @madvillayo! Check it out at /bayside!


[Capture The Flag]


* Added a new /ctf (Capture The Flag) map, "Horizon", which was also created by @madvillayo, and looks fabulous!


* Disallowed /changeplate in Minigames, as it was prone to abuse (we're looking at you...stunt war!)

* The server will now automatically kick desynced players. Such players were prone to receiving lots of reports, and were also unable to enjoy the full SFSE experience.


* Various improvements to the admin system, allowing us to make the server more enjoyable for everyone!
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* Ability to pop vehicle tires of any vehicle in any way. Example: /poptire 2 will pop the rear wheel of a bike. /poptire 3 will pop the front right tire of a 4-wheeled car.
* Players are disqualified from on-foot challenges if they surf on a vehicle. Thanks to @Kostas for reporting.
* Typing /color without parameters now shows a dialog with nickname color options (also found in /settings).
* Object attachments are disabled in deathmatches. Thanks to @madvillayo
* Private Worlds have a new toggle for allowing punch damage (/privworld).
* Made /ignore apply to all chats. Thanks to @madvillayo for discovering it did not.
* Added timestamp to /lastpms and doubled the amount of PMs shown from 5 to 10. Thanks to @bear for suggesting.
* Added /togann. This will allow you to enable or disable admin announcements (the ones that show in the center of the screen).
* /togload (NUM 2 behavior of /flip or /lpos) now saves your preference across sessions.
* Fightstyle (/fs) now saves your preference across sessions.


* Fixed an issue where some houses were locked, even if they had no owner.
* Fixed an issue where house vehicles were not assuming the player's interior when retrieved. Thanks to @Silent for reporting.
* Fixed gang rank name length inconsistency. Thanks to @madvillayo for reporting.
* Fixed gang member list sorting in the event of equal rank level. Thanks to @Pinch for reporting.
* Fixed players being able to obtain forbidden vehicles via racebuild. Thanks to @Kostas for reporting
* Fixed racedialog behavior when waiting to buy a race. Thanks to @Luis for reporting.
* Fixed being able to go to the roof in the /sawn deathmatch. Thanks to @Metaphor for reporting.
* Fixed boundaries of Derby maps Serene and Starfish. Thanks to @madvillayo for helping.
* Attempt fix of team related issues.
* Attempt fix of Fallout related issues.

[Map Updates]

* NEW Trackmania V (/tm5) by @nave
* NEW /parkour by @breyt


Server Owner
11 April 2021


* VIP members and staff are allowed an additional house for a total of 2 houses.
* All players can now put house furniture around the outside of their house.
* Fix players being able to get negative money through CnR. Thanks to @Phoenix for reporting.
* Increase spawn protection time to 5 seconds in gang turf wars. Suggested by @screw here.
* Improved visibility of export minigame checkpoint and map icon. Thanks to the many who have reported.
* StuntWar arrow indicator position now shows on the radar
* Each StuntWar now has a leaderboard showing the top 10 players with the most times completed. Their best finish time is shown as well. The leaderboard can be shown with /swartop show/hide. For now, if there are no times, no leaderboard is displayed.
* Hourly business reports now show the time at which it was generated.

Map updates:

* NEW /bmxparadise map by @nave
* NEW Vice Kart /vk by @Luis
* NEW Derby map - Simplicity by @Bassam
* UPDATED Horizon /ctf map by @madvillayo
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16 May 2021

* Custom vehicle addons for staff and VIP (/vattach). It features a custom live editor to allow for precise positioning of objects on vehicles. Each player can have up to 5 different vehicle models with 5 different objects for each. Should anyone have suggestions for objects to be included in the list, we'd be happy to hear them!
* Specialized vehicle control features:
/togengine - Toggle engine on/off​
/toglights - Toggle lights on/off​
/togalarm - Toggle alarm on/off​
/toghood - Toggle hood open/closed​
/togdoor - Open/close specified vehicle door (1-4)​
/togwindow - Open/close specified vehicle window (1-4)​
These settings persist regardless of vehicle damage (although there is visual glitching that can occur when the vehicle is damaged and the setting is reapplied).​
* Add player toggle for hydraulics (/toghyd). Instead of being forcibly applied in minigames Derby and CTF, it now depends on this setting. Per-player spawned vehicles also adhere to this preference and will install hydraulics automatically. /hyd now serves as a way to manually add/remove the component.
* New achievement "Essential Worker" - complete a business delivery mission. This replaces the "First Blood" achievement.
* Sniper is now available as a weapon in Duels.
* Revmped /cmds and /vcmds dialogs
* New Grove Street teleport: /grove
* Reward values are now shown in /challenges.
* Reduce duel chat message spam when multiple rounds are played.
* Add /housecar as a way to quickly access a house's vehicle preferences.
* Fix house spawning not working. Thanks to @madvillayo for reporting.
* Fix StuntWar leaderboard best time not updating when players improve their time.
* Fix players not being removed from a Private DM when they didn't respond to an update. Thanks @Kostas and @Luis for reporting and testing.

Map updates

Sandking Challenge by Madvillayo: /skc


Server Owner
23 May 2021


Fix incorrect display in /stats of lifetime VIP members.
Fix duplicating house vehicles.
Fix players sometimes not being put into the required vehicle in Stunt War.
Fix exploits related to challenges. Thanks to Hachiko and KompoT
Fix players being able to exit businesses while performing robberies.
Fix duplicate winning message in Derby.
Fix custom vehicle addons being misplaced on other vehicles.
Fix custom vehicle addons not displaying when /objects are disabled.
Fix camera collisions occurring for custom vehicle addons.
Add confirmation dialog before deleting all custom vehicle addons.

Huge thanks goes to @Shaan and @madvillayo for their help testing/reporting
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