[WINNERS] Annual Awards | 2022


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Hi all,

It's time to announce the winners of SF-SE's Annual Awards. As always, thank you to everyone who participated in voting this year!

As for every year that we announce our winners, I'd like to remind everyone that the SF-SE's Annual Awards are merely an appreciation of those who were noticed the most by the SF-SE community, and were therefore voted for the most by our active members at the end of the year. This annual tradition is intended to be a friendly competition, and hopes to inspire us to strive to improve on our goals as a community member for the next year of 2023 - whether it be to become the fastest racer, or the person who brings laughter to the most people.

The following awards are presented to those who acquired the most amount of votes, as voted upon by our community members.

Stunter of the Year
The stunter who performed the most impressive stunts of 2022.


KompoT: 8
madvillayo: 5
PaTt: 3
breyt, LiOn, Minato, Hachiko, koshya: 1

Stunter Breakthrough of the Year
The stunter who improved the most in 2022.


Insan: 5
KompoT: 4
Eighty, Kris, madvillayo, mafu, Viper, ely, koshya: 1

Racer of the Year
The most impressive racer of 2022.


Eighty: 13
mafu: 2
Sulps, SoQaN, morpp, Fauzan, madvillayo, koshya: 1

Racer Breakthrough of the Year
The racer who improved the most in 2022.


Eighty: 6
SoQaN: 3
mafu: 2
KompoT, morpp, Bitchele, Visiter, madvillayo, koshya: 1

Deathmatcher of the Year
The most impressive deathmatch player of 2022.


veonz: 8
s0ulreaper: 3
iHunt, Akira, madvillayo, koshya: 1

Deathmatcher Breakthrough of the Year
The deathmatcher who improved the most in 2022.


breyt: 3
Enemy: 2
veonz, Temoo, iHunt, madvillayo, koshya: 1

Drifter of the Year
The most impressive drifter of 2022.


Davster: 7
Volt: 5
KompoT: 2
madvillayo, koshya: 1

Derby Player of the Year
The best derby player of 2022.


vodka: 6
KrisX: 4
Heinrich, madvillayo, Koshya: 1

CTF Player of the Year
The best CTF player of 2022.


Pinch: 4
vodka: 3
Kostas: 2
Darky, Kris, madvillayo, Koshya: 1

Goldpot Hunter of the Year
The best goldpot hunter of 2022.


Sulps: 8
Heinrich: 7
madvillayo, Koshya: 1

Gang of the Year
Vote for the best gang of 2022.


ProLaps: 8
skullgang, Republic of Hunters: 3
stunting is gay: 2
GameStars, Ilustrados, madvillayo, Koshya: 1

Member of the Year
The most meaningful community member of 2022.


s0ulreaper: 4
Koshya: 2
Sulps, feesh, veonz, Bassam, Hachiko, Aut0psia, Darky, karolina, PaTt, madvillayo(invalid: staff member): 1

Newcomer of the Year
The most meaningful newcomer of 2022.


glkd: 4
iHunt, Visiter, madvillayo(?? has been here since 2009), Koshya(???): 1

Comeback of the Year
The most memorable comeback of a community member in 2022.


IroniZ: 3
ely, Faker, crankey, Sabre, Akira, madvillayo(??), Koshya: 1

Funniest Member of the Year
The most entertaining member of 2022.


dakii: 3
madvillayo, Aut0psia: 2
Nicholas, Flippa, breyt, Kris, Bandit, karolina, Koshya: 1

Staff Member of the Year
The most meaningful staff member of 2022.


madvillayo: 10
Kris: 3
KompoT, ellie: 2
breyt, Eighty, bear, adlude, Koshya(invalid, not staff): 1

Video of the Year
The most memorable video of 2022.


SF-SE Christmas Collaboration by KompoT: 12
Day in the Life of Acidman, Reiko Island Stunt Collaboration, Koshya: 1

Congratulations to the winners! Those who won their categories shall be provided with the following:
• Unique Discord role;
• Unique Forum title;
• Unique signature (provided above);
• One-time $500k in-game cash and 250xp;
• Name shall be displayed in a "Hall of Fame" Annual Awards induction map.

* The monetary & score rewards will be sent out automatically.
* The map will come out within 1-2 months time.

If there are any typos in the userbars, or you want a different version of your name on the userbar, please contact me via PM on the forum or via Discord at madvillayo#0665. Thanks!
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Former Staff
Congratulations to all winners~
Also, how did I get a vote in CTF section? I captured 0 flags btw
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All winners have been accommodated with the monetary and score rewards for this event via our UCP. Discord roles have been sent out as well. Congratulations to all :)
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Goldpot Hunter of the Year | 2019 & 2022
Madvillayo and Koshya obviously made a deal to vote for each other in every category, even in the Gang of the Year category.

Thanks to all the players who voted for me! Congratulations to my fellow winners!


Stunter of the Year | 2022
Server Staff
Here is another quick sneak peak on the map progress for anyone curious:


There was some delay with the map due to me picking up some more hours at work & getting sick, but this map will be available upon the next update.
I hope my pc will be up and ready before that :D great work Mad, can't wait.