LV Stunting Freeway | RACE BUG

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Description: The race "LV Stunting Freeway" is a bugged race in which the CPS are placed at positions which you are unable to touch.

What is happening?:
As you can see in the video below that when I was playing that race, the checkpoints were at positions which we are unable or impossible to reach.

Steps to replicate:
1)Buyrace "LV Stunting Freeway" from /buyrace
2)Play that race

Additional information that may be useful:

Desired Reward:
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Per the records it has been successfully completed before, and I can replicate this bug, thus it would appear something has broken recently. I've disabled the race for now, paging @cawfee to investigate further.
Race deleted. There is no bug in the race feature; the checkpoints are unreachable due to map changes.
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