1. Shaan

    LV Stunting Freeway | RACE BUG

    Description: The race "LV Stunting Freeway" is a bugged race in which the CPS are placed at positions which you are unable to touch. What is happening?: As you can see in the video below that when I was playing that race, the checkpoints were at positions which we are unable or impossible to...
  2. nekko

    Illegal Street Racing

    Hello, friends of mine! I am introducing a new event to this server: Illegal Street Racing. There will be 2 racers racing at the certain highway or at some small streets. I will also highly prohibit Infernus, NRG-500 and Hotring Racer. Speedboost, bounce and flip will be forbidden too. You will...
  3. Black_ouT

    New Racevote System

    I can see some racers complaining about racevote system so i decided to make a post about it we ask from owners to make a new racevote system which has a lot more suggestions and it includes new accepted races also i suggest(its my idea) to make a bot or something that changes racevote...