[WINNERS] SF-SE's 2020 Annual Awards


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Hi all,

It's time to announce the winners of SF-SE's 2020 Annual Awards. Thank you to everyone who participated in voting!

Quick reminder that SF-SE's Annual Awards are merely an appreciation of those who were noticed the most by the community and were therefore voted for accordingly. This annual tradition is meant to be simply for fun, not winning, and to hopefully inspire us to strive to improve on our goals as a community member for this year - whether it be to become the fastest racer, or the person who brings laughter to the most people.

The following awards are presented to those who acquired the most votes by our community members.

Stunter of the Year
The stunter who performed the most impressive stunts of 2020.


madvillayo: 13
Aut0psia, breyt: 4
Metaphor: 3
KompoT, Bassam, Pinch, AlmegAlmeg: 1

Stunter Breakthrough of the Year
The stunter who improved the most in 2020.


Hachiko: 5
KompoT, Metaphor: 4
crankey: 2
Kostas, breyt, lakii, Shaan, Phoenix, karolina, k0shya, Dike, Bassam, Minato, Alaa: 1

Racer of the Year
The most impressive racer of 2020.


[RSK]Cortless: 11
Loading: 6
Shaan: 4
KompoT, Eighty: 2
Luis, k0shya: 1

Racer Breakthrough of the Year
The racer who improved the most in 2020.


[RSK]Cortless: 9
Shaan: 6
Hachiko, KompoT: 3
Silent, k0shya, karolina, Andrej_23: 1

Deathmatcher of the Year
The most impressive deathmatch player of 2020.


Gr1Ldo_: 9
Codriver: 5
Matrix: 4
AlanNeos: 2
Kostas, Akira, John_Gates, nekko, s0ulreaper, 161: 1

Deathmatcher Breakthrough of the Year
The deathmatcher who improved the most in 2020.


screw: 4
Gr1Ldo, s0ulreaper: 2
AlanNeos, dode, dakii, ENDEMIK, lilkapaa, Matrix, Alaa, Codriver, Metaphor: 1

Drifter of the Year
The most impressive drifter of 2020.


Volt: 17
Kostas: 3
Codriver: 2
k0shya, Eminem, Alaa: 1

Derby Player of the Year
The best derby player of 2020.


Akira: 8
vodka, Habris: 3
Kostas, Heinrich, Pinch: 2
Adrox, VasilerosBromas, Shaan: 1

CTF Player of the Year
The best CTF player of 2020.


Pinch: 13
Kostas: 3
Bassam: 2
Mehmet, Shrub, Codriver, Luis: 1

Goldpot Hunter of the Year
The best goldpot hunter of 2020.


AlmegAlmeg: 16
AlanNeos: 8
Gwada: 3
Tanjiro, k0shya: 1

Gang of the Year
Vote for the best gang of 2020.


Mad Society Kings: 19
The Ilustrados: 6
Republic of Hunters: 2

Member of the Year
The most meaningful community member of 2020.


Shaan: 6
wai: 3
IroniZ, breyt: 2
Sulps, KompoT, Aut0psia, lakii, Metaphor, dode, k0shya, Andrew, Dr.Hax, Codriver: 1

Newcomer of the Year
The most meaningful newcomer of 2020.


breyt: 9
wai: 4
Pinch, Davster, k0shya, Dike, KompoT: 1

Comeback of the Year
The most memorable comeback of a community member in 2020.


Kostas: 4
IroniZ: 3
Akira, Faker: 2
Codriver, Bassam, ely, Hachiko, Habris, Lilkapaa, Amaluna: 1

Funniest Member of the Year
The most entertaining member of 2020.


dode: 7
wai: 5
madvillayo, breyt: 2
bear, Luis, KompoT, Panos, Andrew, Hachiko, Lilkapaa, Sloth, dakii: 1

Staff Member of the Year
The most meaningful staff member of 2020.


Pinch: 7
Kostas: 6
madvillayo: 5
Panos, Akira, Bassam: 2
Luis, karolina, AlanNeos, AlmegAlmeg: 1

Congratulations to the winners. Those who won their categories shall be provided with the following:
• Unique Discord role
• Unique Forum title
• Unique signature (above)
• One-time $500k in-game cash and 250xp.

Please get in-game with madvillayo in order to receive the in-game awards. Thanks!

If there are any typos in the userbars, or you want a different version of your name on the userbar, please contact me via PM on the forum or via Discord at madvillayo#0665. (It's 1AM while I'm doing this.. I'm bound to fuck up somewhere) Thank you.
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Each and every name in this thread deserves a lot of appreciation, not just the winners. My congratulations and appreciation to everyone - to the deserved winners and candidates, to the good souls who voted for others and made them win, to @madvillayo and others for conducting and making this SFSE Annual Awards 2020 a memorable one!

2020 was difficult for each one of us. We all suffered a lot. I suffered a lot as well but something that always relieved my stress was playing in SFSE and chilling with all of you. Words won't suffice if I had to explain how grateful I am to SFSE and its wonderful members.

My sincere thanks to the SFSE community from the bottom of my heart, for making my life miles better! <3


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Quick update as of 1/26/2021: The alignment of the userbars were off; in other words, they were not centered due to the size of the elegy being larger than the size of the bike on each side of the userbar. Tranparency was added to the side with the bike to accompany this, and therefore the signatures are now aligned in the middle.

The URLs of the userbars are different from the previous ones - please change them to the ones now updated in the original post. Thanks!

Thank you to @Luis and @Bassam for pointing this out- admittedly I knew but was hoping nobody would notice.. but OCD had to kick in eventually anyway.