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Vehicle Collisions

How should Vehicle Collisions be handled?

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Server Owner

We have been long since considering adding the ability to disable vehicle collisions. This would mean, for example, that you can drive through other players' vehicles using your own vehicle.

There are a few questions associated with this:

- Is there a demand for such functionality? Would you guys like it?
- Should this be enabled as standard, or should it be disabled as standard, with the ability to enable it?

This would bring various benefits, for example, you can drive around in peace without having people ramming you, especially those annoying cheaters who use vehicle control hacks.

  • It would only apply to vehicles. For anything else, we already have the /objects toggle, which can be used for custom objects.
  • It would be excluded in all minigames, which includes things like vehicle exporting, cargo deliveries, etc.
Please vote on the poll, and leave a comment if you have any suggestions.



Former Staff
I'd say that ramming other players is the only thing that we like in freeroam.
If that would be disabled, there would be absolutely no fun, but due to added plus point of evading hackers i'd say it should be available but disabled by default. Still if there's any chance i would like collissions, like there's almost no other way of interaction with other players. And interaction with other players, that is what called a Multiplayer game!


Server Owner
One of the issues with doing this means that if one person has collisions enabled, and the other disabled, the result is not pretty:

As you can see, I, with collisions disabled, am able to "drag" cawfee's vehicle around.

If anyone has any suggestions, we would be happy to hear them.


Active Member
Nice idea! However, how does it look from Cawfee's perspective? I can immagine it looking like a ram hack, wich to me would seem like just adding "labour" to the administrators task.


Server Owner
how does it look from Cawfee's perspective?

Here is a recording where cawfee has collisions disabled, with mine enabled:

As you can see, cawfee loses no speed at all, meaning it does indeed look like a ram hack.


Former Staff
Ramming is surely one of the top priorities when freeroaming around in the server. Anyhow, by disabling the collisions, we're certainly forced to highlight the fact that you can finally avoid being annoyed by people who keep chasing you anywhere and that might result to be pretty much lacerating for someone that is trying to do something wonderful in the middle of the night, like drifting clips and so on... although you have no escape for this. Nonetheless, disabling the collisions by now - if this is willing to be implemented just like it was one year ago with the pawno mode - would surely do the job, in my opinion.


Active Member
The pro of having it disabled by default is keeping the original mode as is.
The con of having it disabled by default is that it would be worse then regular, new plays will get trolled by players who have it enabled.

The pro of having it enabled by default is no new players will be victims of potential trolls.
The con of having it enabled by default is losing what players are used to. (beeing unique can be a good thing)

I'd vouch for a 4th option, if possible: a seperate world where players still can use commands e.g., /objects, /teleports, /time, /weather.


Seems like a waste effort to me.
Its just a freeroam dude so, just leave it as it is.

Ramming one another is one of the fun things you can do in this game(except in race).
About hackers, if an admin is offline at that time, it is pretty much a pain in the ass. But, most of the time, they are annoying players in minigames not in freeroam.


Goldpot Hunter of the Year | 2019
I agree that there should be an option to disable collisions, but I think they should be enabled by default. That's just not to confuse newbies, who expect two colliding vehicles to affect each other.
The main problem here is the dragging Polarbear brought up. Is there a way to make it so that players with collisions disabled also don't affect other players' cars? Basically, only if both ramming players have collisions enabled will an actual collision take place.


Well-Known Member
It will be good.of doing vehicle collision we have a profit of it goldpot like I am going to take the goldpot in NRG but someone is in infernus so he hit me and my NRG will fall and the other person will take the goldpot so it will be good to do vehicle collision :)