The big reset! Money, houses, businesses + race records! Plus, an Easter Egg Hunt!

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We've some news for the community which may come as a shock, but please hear us out!

Money Reset
If you've been in-game for more than a few minutes, there's a good chance you'd have heard comments along the lines of "in-game money is useless". We've heard it a lot, and we agree - in the current economy - it is. The top 100 players (sorted by money) have at least $55 M, with many of our regular players having hundreds of millions of dollars. These enormous figures have been significantly helped through bug abuse - with one serious exploit patched just a week ago, and many other features and minigames offering up disproportionate financial rewards for the effort involved. In the update released today, we have re-balanced the rewards. All existing players will have a new balance of $200,000, with $50,000 continuing to be the starting money for new registrations.

House & Business Reset
With money being reset, it would be possible to simply sell properties for a partial refund, and suddenly, there's millions of dollars sitting around in the bank! This defeats the purpose of a money reset, therefore we have reset all houses and businesses - make sure to jump in-game quickly to grab your favourite properties before they're gone! We may also look to reduce the number of properties available in order to create more exclusivity. Prior to the reset, for example, there were 78 vacant houses, which, we believe, is a little on the high side.

Race Records Reset
As many of you may know, we recently disabled Hydraulics in Races. This was to provide a fairer experience for everyone, many of whom were blissfully unaware of the gains to be had in some races when Hydraulics were used. Naturally, it makes no sense to keep the existing race records with this change in mind - as some of the top times were made with the benefit of Hydraulics. All Race Records have therefore been reset. Please note that any form of abuse in races won't be tolerated and such resets may happen again in future should we discover other issues.

Easter Egg Hunt
To help get a monetary head start, we've launched an Easter Egg hunt! Find all 30 eggs (10 in each city) for a reward! Good luck, and thanks to Madvillayo & breyt for helping with the locations.

This update very much focuses on bringing back the value of money, and making activities and minigames more rewarding - previously, for many players with tens of millions in the bank, there was no benefit in receiving cash rewards.

Additionally, money is now even more competitive as we've added a /top category for the richest players!

We would ideally like to have more ways for players to spend money, so if you have suggestions, please do let us know in the Suggestions forum.

Thank you!


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To add: I get that some people are unhappy with the reset of money, but expressing frustration in the form of becoming toxic and/or promoting undesirable behaviour will not be tolerated and will result in a swift removal of your ability to be part of SFSE.

If you don't like something, that is fine - we are all welcome to an opinion, but consider what value is added by shouting about it and becoming abusive.

We want to be one of the very few SA:MP servers where an economy has value, and this change assists us in achieving the goal of creating more to do and more to aim for.
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