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Description (in few words): /od rewards the players even when they used vehicle and speedboost after open the parachute.

What is happening? Please try to be as detailed as possible: Last day I try to teleport in /od, which takes 1 to 2 minutes I guess minimum to complete legitimately, can be completed in 25-30 seconds using vehicle and speedboost. But I wasn't sure if the fix applied to /wallride will also be applied to /od challenge.

Steps to replicate (if possible): Teleport to /od. Disable your objects open your parachute spawn vehicle or nrg and then click your mouse with using speedboost.

Additional information that may be useful (include screenshots or videos here): I don't have a video and screenshot but try to teleport in /od.

Desired Reward (see here): :)
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I did a lot of testing today before I realized that the bugs I found are essentially the same as this one.
Challenges do not check which vehicle the player is in or if the player is in a vehicle at all. Not just /od, but every challenge rewards players that disable objects and/or use an unintended vehicle. For example, I was rewarded for completing /monsterchallenge with Maverick and I was able to finish /spiral in just 8 seconds by disabling /objects at the right spot.

Screenshots, just in case:

The fog is hiding most of my Maverick but you can see parts of the rotors.
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