Introducing SFSE's Brand New Website & Christmas Gamemode update!


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Greetings everyone!

We're pleased to announce some amazing news - we've updated both our website AND gamemode! Take a look below!

A big thanks to everyone who worked hard on this update, including @Kostas, @Luis and @madvillayo

A brand new website!


  • Brand new UI (User Interface) which is mobile responsive (more information below)
  • You can toggle dark mode via the navigation bar
  • The footer has recieved a new design update
  • Gang information now shows 'Money' instead of 'Cash'
  • Updated parts of code for efficiency
  • It'll now show if a player is a VIP or not when searching for players, and also on stunt war & race pages
  • 2 new userbars have been added! (see below)
  • We now have our very own online list page, instead of it showing via the index page (reasons for this, mainly efficiency) you can view the new list here
  • You can now search for a certain race

  • A small typo on gangs page (Thanks @Mad)
  • An error that would occur if player business would have 0 goods

  • Removed some old information on the help page

New UI (User Interface)
Welcome to what is my proudest piece of work, the new user interface. This has to be done due to the fact the old style was way outdated after much talk with @Kostas, @bear & @Silent we finally came to the conclusion of making
use of Bootstrap which is VERY good to work with. The back end is all the same as of now but the front end is completely new & re-written with two different styles, light mode & dark mode!

I feel it's a lot more reponsive, as it should be and also works a lot better on mobile devices with Bootstraps amazing reponsive cababilities it detects how big your screen is and automatically sets the correct width for you.

With that said, I genuinly hope you enjoy this because it was a pain to get correct I do appreciate feedback but if it's saying "go back to the old design", the answer is no mainly because as I said earlier it's outdated compared to other websites.

With the new design comes a new carousel (image slider), instead of the background system I've decided to add in this carousel of some awesome SF-SE images, the majority of them are @madvillayo's work so immense thanks goes to him!

A gamemode update!

- Santa is back! He's left 50 gifts all over the map. Unwrap all of them and you'll be rewarded with a sum of cash and EXP
- Say hello to the white stuff with the /snow command
- Make yourself look Christmassy with a /santahat
- Get yourself frozen with a /snowball fight
- Added the /xmas map, by @madvillayo
- Updated the look and feel of /sf for Christmas! Thanks to @breyt

- Fixed bug with generating random skin which is disallowed by non-staff members (reported by @Sloth)
- Fixed bug with not updating name changes from UCP (reported by @Plutoid)
- Fixed bug with not resetting plate through /settings dialog (reported by @madvillayo)
- Added checks to prevent joining /privdm in times where it should be possible (i.e. in a mod shop, building a race, etc)
- Added /vips command

- Renamed /tr1 to /tr since /tr1 doesn't exist anymore.
- Renamed Bay Side to Bayside (requested by Madvillayo).
- Set camera behind player when teleporting with vehicle.
- Display "Back" button if redirected from /teles commands otherwise "Close" if command /challenges or /dm were executed.

- Changed export vehicle health back to 1,000 (from 2,000)

- Changed map icon colors for members that participate in gangwars (suggested by @Messi)
- Added amount of leased businesses in /gang

[Stunt War]
- Changed vehicle angle to indicator's position.

- Added more details about businesses in /deliver

- Fixed bug with not always detecting vehicle in water

- Added two new Derby maps: Starfish Bay and Serene (thanks to @madvillayo)

[Capture the Flag]
- Added hydraulics to vehicles by default (suggested by @vodka)
- Reduced flag respawn time from 60 to 30 seconds
- Added a new map - Everland, by @madvillayo

- Added more details about a business in /deliver dialog (suggested by @vodka)
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Any issues found with the site, could you please post a bug report in the bugs section :)


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I cannot begin to describe the elation i felt because a picture i edited made the rotation of pics on the landing page of the website. I am truly honored.

Thank you!

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I only proposed it because I thought it was a halloween-specific banner and didn't necessarily fit with the snowy theme on the homepage that we had lol