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Gang Territory Bug

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Description (in few words): Gang Territory

What is happening? Please try to be as detailed as possible: Look at the pictures, it sent all the money at once

Steps to replicate (if possible):

Additional information that may be useful (include screenshots or videos here):



Former Staff
Its telling you how much money we're gathering from each territory, and it's kinda useful so u can determine which teritorry you are going to sell or anything similar, but this covers the whole chat, as I suggest to add in gang -> Territories a function where u can check how much money the territory is giving you, and put only 1 message where you will see the total money earned, not every gang individually.


Server Owner
Thanks for reporting. As of the next update, gang members will receive one message with the total earnings from all territories. To see detailed profit information, an option for this has been added to the turf menu.
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