[BUG REPORT]Arresting Robbers In Death-Screen

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Description: Cops can arrest robbers during the death screen.

What is happening?: In Cops and Robbers minigame(/cnr), during the death-screen of cops, they can arrest robbers. By death-screen, I mean the shaking camera on a player’s screen after he/she dies.

Steps to replicate:
1) Input /cnr and choose either the Cops or Robbers team. Your assistant needs to be in the opposite team.
2) Robber kills the cop.
3) Cop arrests the robber while he/she is in the death-screen using the /ar command or simply pressing the Y key on their keyboard.

Additional information that may be useful:

Desired Reward: Not needed.

Thanks to @Bassam for helping in recording this bug and Thunder_God for discovering with me!
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