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Hi all!

San Fierro Stunt Evolution's aim is to offer player's a fun, smooth gaming experience. We know that it can feel tiresome to submit bug reports, and the temptation may exist to ignore them. To try and encourage Bug Reports, as of now, we are going to reward players that submit them!

Requirements & Rules:

  • Some bugs cannot be fixed by us, such as those of GTA SA, GTA SA:MP and those caused by mods that you may have installed locally. All reports must be something we can take action against.

  • You must be the first person to report it in the Bug Reports forum. If a bug report already exists by another member of the community, your content may be merged into their thread or closed/locked in favor of an already open forum topic.

  • Any form of report for typos, grammar or punctuation mistake, are excluded. We still encourage these reports, but rewards will not apply.

  • We reserve the right to decline the granting of a reward at any time for any reason.
In-game Rewards:

  • $50,000 Cash (Minor bug, x2 for Major, x3 for Critical)

  • 25 Score (Minor bug, x2 for Major, x3 for Critical)

  • 5 days VIP (Minor bug, x2 for Major, x3 for Critical)

  • Minor (e.g., "I typed /givecash, and it told me I don't have any money, but the cash was successfully sent anyway")

  • Major (e.g., "I purchased a house, and it took all my money, instead of a certain amount")

  • Critical (e.g., "I managed to crash the server by starting /shooter, or anything you consider to be a security issue/vulnerability") - these should ONLY be reported in PRIVATE to either @adlude, @bear or @Kostas
Claiming a Reward:

  1. Visit this thread for the instructions on creating a bug report.

  2. Include your desired reward as part of your report.

  3. If your report meets our requirements and has been confirmed, a Head Admin+ will reply to the thread stating the reward has been given.
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to let us know.

Thank you for helping to make SFSE even better!
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