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Goldpot Hunter of the Year | 2020
Server Staff
Hello to all SF-SE community. Today I’m here to talk about one minigame, that through the time I believe was forgotten and underrated, Goldpot Hunting. I’m here to give you all the tricks, methods, pro tips and ways to become the ultimate hunter.
Why hunting goldpots? First and most obvious reason, this is the fastest way in the game to gain money and experience (xp). Second, this minigame is very challenging. Flying through the map as fast as you can to get the pot is so satisfying. This minigame is also short and if you're fast it promise you success every time. I promise you, after you read this guide your hunting skills + practice will make you the best. I know this guide looks exaggerated, but like any other minigame it requires high skills and practice to become professional. (Same as Derby, Swar, Fallout, Races etc…)
Also I added here my guide of all the goldpots in the game: combination of the tele + screenshot + location in the map (within the screenshot) will help you get all goldpots in the game. All goldpots guide

Main menu for the guide:
1. About the minigame
2. Goldpot types
3. Settings for hunting
4. Hunting methods
5. Recommended and unrecommended teleports
6. Pro tips
7. Challenge mode

1.About the minigame:

Goldpot is a collectable bag that gives 1xp and 10k money when collected. Every 10 minutes the game loads a random goldpot around the map, but if someone hunted it, a new one will appear withing 30 seconds.
If you’re going for a streak, the goldpots will worth more:
First goldpot: 5K and 1xp
Second goldpot: 10k and 1xp
Third goldpot: 15k and 2xp
Fourth goldpot: 20k and 3 xp
Fifth goldpot and beyond: 25k and 3xp

2.Goldpot types:

There are 4 types of goldpots around the map.
1. The first type is based on places connected directly to the single player plot. Did you play the game? You would probably know those goldpots. Here are some examples for this type: CJ’s first tagging mission , Inside the giant dount, Zero RC shop, C.R.A.S.H, Drive thru cluckin’ bell…
2. The second type is based on shops or signs around the map, which can be found using Google and GTA Wiki. Here are some examples for this type: Jazz mags, Le sex shoppe, Alexander’s toys, Nice buns...
3. The Third type is places that you might have seen in the game but have no meaning or mention in the game. Here are some examples for this type: Midair burger, Deserted bodybags, Giant desert cow, Horseshoes…
4. The last type of goldpots are completely unknown ones, based on maps of SF-SE or mapped houses or just random places, which can be found only if asking another goldpot hunter for his place, or a lot of luck to pass by within the 10 minutes it spawns. Here are some examples for this type: Angel on rock, Fake stairs, Knifu memorial, Sand roller…

3.Settings for hunting:

So basically yeah, you can hunt anytime with any settings but there are some recommendations that will help you out and make you faster hunters and more professional.
At first, enable the options for /quickenter and /quickexit from vehicles – these really helps when you fall off the bike and antifall randomly isn’t working. Also, enable your antifall for minimum falling off the bike (something that happens a lot), of course enable /god for those times you fall and instead of standing up you’ll just die. Another interesting thing I’ve found, is that if your fps is lower to 60 your antifall have more chances to work, for some reason when I hunted with 95 fps locked my antifall worked like 65% of the time. Set your /time and /weather of your choice (mine is /time 10 and /weather 1).
Alright, you are ready for some goldpot hunting, let’s learn the most famous and known methods for hunting.

4. Hunting methods:

There are 3 very famous methods for goldpot hunting used by great hunters, every one of them have it’s pros and cons so try to find out what works the best for you. The ultimate hunter will know how to combine those three methods for best hunting results.
I. Only NRG hunting (used by AlmegAlmeg, Sulps): The most known methods is using only NRG for hunting, this is the fastest and easiest vehicle to control. This method requires the hunter to know the specific angle from the tele to the goldpot. You write your tele, aim yourself to the exact direction of the goldpot and launching yourself to it.
Pros: very fast, a hunter knows the specific angle to goldpot will be able to launch himself fast and get to it with no unnecessary searches. Also not requires lots of writings, for a slow typing hunters like me, writing /lsdive > /v dodo> /v nrg can be very slow and waste of time.
Cons: a wrong angle of launching can cause you lots of time searching for the goldpot, and also you can hit objects and lose direction.

II. NRG and Dodo combo (used by AlanNeos, Metaphor): This method works on launching yourself as fast as you can from the tele, and change in the air to dodo, aiming to the location of the goldpot and change again to NRG.
Pros: no perfect aiming before launching. If you don’t want to relay on angles, this is the method for you.
Cons: slow typing hunters will struggle a lot with this method. Also too fast typing can slow you down if you get any mistake writing the vehicles (/vd odo, /v ngr, /v rg), one second later spawning a vehicle and you lost direction.

III. Superman and NRG method (used by Gwada, Mehmet): Not so famous method, although if you master it, you become faster. To use it you need to enable /superman. After teleporting, you aim yourself by foot to the goldpot and spam the jump key (space), then stopping in the air by spawning a vehicle.
Pros: very easy to navigate on foot. Also jumping and flying to goldpot is faster then NRG speed boost.
Cons: superman jump is not high enough, some teleports are near buildings and mistake of an angle can cause you to bump a building or tree, fall down and only then you can stand up and fix your angle.
Added: another way to stop yourself in the air is by typing /stopanim or /up, if you're struggling typing that just copy it and whenever you need to use it just Cnrt+V and you're done. This solution was discovered by @Shaan thank your for that.

Here's a vid of me showing those 3 methods on 2 different goldpots:

5. Recommended and unrecommended teleports:

A hunters, we need to find some good tele spots that will allow us to hunt faster and more comfortable. So what make a teleport command good or bad? Some of the teles in the game might be nice but using them for hunting can do to you huge mess, easy goldpots can become like a pin in the ass when the tele is shitty. It might be not that bad unless if you’re going on a streak or racing someone.

Let’s give an example: A canon in the house and Santos investment is very easy goldpots to get, some of the hunters go for /hp to hunt them but this tele is very problematic. At first, /hp is taking your vehicle so you need to load a new one, second, this tele is surrounded by trees and fences, it’s very easy to bump them. Replacing this tele with /drag solves this two problems.

Another great example for a shitty teleport is /otto, I personally hate this tele and use it only if I don’t have any other choice. /otto have three spawning locations that only one of them is useful, the others are inside the building, which forces you to tele again to /otto or spawn a vehicle and get out between the cars parked there, and I didn’t even talked about the glass windows: hitting them too slow isn’t breaking them, forcing you to go back and hit them again faster to break them and only then you can start hunting. Also as mentioned before, same problem like /hp this tele removes you from your vehicle. This tele can be easily replaced with /bpbj, a very unknown tele which spawns you high in the sky, a bit forward and you fall directly to michelle’s auto repair, very easy to navigate from there.

And of course how can I forget the shittiest tele for hunters: /lv. Too many things slows you down and could even stop you and mess your hunt up. At first is the huge amount of vehicles on your way, and if you add the fast that some player before moved some of them, it's totally messed up. Second is, if you go left you have lots of trees that stops you and on the right you have not only trees but also green grass: sliding on these grass can change the direction of your bike and forcing you to change it back (waste of time). The third problem with this location is that only after you got out to the main street, you have tons of building and palms high above the ground which after aiming to goldpot you can get stuck in the and re aim again. The solution for this is very, VERY simple: /drift9 is one of the best teles for hunting. It spawns you high from the ground, you have a very good view for directions and lot of space to move around for aiming before launching. Personally after learning and making some pro tips up, I NEVER USED THIS TELE AGAIN.

6. Pro tips:

Now this is the real thing, this is where we start hunting like pros. Also we get to meet the Streak Mode: this mode is made for best results and timing, this is how I made my 350 streak and the 500 streak I'm planning on.

  • Popular tip is using /s command to save a random spot in the map that doesn’t have a direct teleport. Pretty easy right? But some of you don’t know that you don’t need to use /l to load this position (or even worst, /lpos), you can toggle fast loading of this /s with /togload command, now every time you want to teleport there just use 2 (above the W in keyboard, not NUM2). Much faster
  • Did you know you can save another random spot in the map? /sw (savewarp) is something not all hunters use or even know unfortunately. To load this position use /lw command.
  • Placing /s and /sw can be tricky, you can place them in places with tons of goldpots around like around the big donut in Los Santos, or by LVFD also have a lot. But I use them different. I looked for after the most horrible combinations of teleport spawn to location and found the most hated places and placed it in a very very specific spots for most efficiency. Here are Montgomery town, Dillimore town and Las Venturas. By looking at the screens below you can see my /s location, this specific location is at the beginning of Montgomery town, all I need to do is go right and all of these town's goldpots are collectable in under 10 seconds. This /s is pre-aimed, launching straight forward after pressing 2 will send me directly to Dillimore town and all of these town's goldpots are collectable in under 14 seconds (!).

  • Another alternative to /s and /sw is if you have a problematic teleport, for example few months ago I was struggling with writing /drift9 (/drfit9 /dirft9 /drfti9) so I just replaced it with /sw.
  • If you don’t care so much about your house placement you can always by a house close to some of your hated goldpots. For example a house at north Las Venturas can be a nice idea, close to C.R.A.S.H and Yellow Bell Golf.
  • Are you in a gang? If you do, you can always capture territories close to areas of goldpot you're struggling to reach, if you look closely, you can see that some of the times my gang (Republic of Hunters) capture one of the territories near /bayside, sometimes its easy to write /gang and teleport to the territory but don’t forget to name your territories.
  • Also if you want you can buy businesses around the map that can be within problematic areas, I used it for faster teleporting to Blueberry town, back in the days I hunted with /objects on and /Disney was a problem.
  • It might be obvious, but when you hunting disable /objects option, some of the goldpots are very hard to reach with /objects on or even impossible. (If you ask Sulps he will tell you to hunt with /objects on, it has its benefits)
  • Some goldpots are hard to reach but you can always find a way to make them easier with /go or /goto. If you didn’t know you can teleport to yourself (my id is 5? /go 5) and you can also teleport to yourself and add parameters (X,Y and Z). Let's give 3 examples :
    1. I can see the whole world from here: normal hunters will go inside of area 69 and go down the stairs and through the hall and so on. This trip takes around 32-38 seconds if you do it without problems. How can we make it faster? Exploring around the area 69's for the goldpot, standing above it exactly and teleporting yourself down by 10 (/go 5 0 0 -10).
    2. The ship's cabin: also takes time to go inside of the cabin but as I said before you can stand above the goldpot, and teleport yourself down by 2 or 3 (/go 5 0 0 -2)
    3. No easter eggs up here: you might know this goldpot, but taking it is another story, it's stuck up there at the top of San Fierro's bridge (don’t remember its name), and you can hunt it with RC heli or be precise with your NRG. The trick here is easy, just fing the spot below the goldpot and do /up 200.
    All this examples are in the video below.
  • Take some time to know the teleports of the server, you might find some interesting things. Try to launch yourself straight from the teleport spawning spot for example, I found out that doing that from /sfair sends me in a straight line directly to 2 very hard to reach goldpots: Angel on rock and Welcome to the Truth's drugfarm. Same thing with /aa – launching yourself sending you to the goldpot Great signal up here, for some players its even easier then using /drift2 or /tr.
    After a lot of searches another goldpot hunter (Mehmet) found out easy teleport for one of the most hated goldpots in the game, Angel Pine Junkjard, for so many weeks we couldn’t find the right direction to it from /chilliad. He found out /drift5 is close to it, and it spawns you in an open area so all we need to do is hard turn to left and jump towards it. Also works great for Mountain hole.
    Another hunter (AlanNeos) found out that if you teleport yourself to /tj and just fall from it you will find yourself in The truth's drugfarm.
    A young hunter (Jovanovic) found out that using /drift1 for Mt.chilliad in house is easier to reach then /chiliad.
    Another experienced and long time hunter (Sulps) found out that using /ip3 and launching yourself backwards sends you to Pipe goes under the water way faster then /drift9 or /lv, but it only works if you hunt with /objects on.
    This are only few examples for hunt changing discoveries.
  • This next tip is really for veteran hunters that go with their hunting to the absolute edge, this tip is not necessary at all but if you have it, it makes hunting easier. My mouse have two bottoms at the left side of it, for my thumb, and this two bottoms are programmable. What I did, was programming one of them to do the same function as LALT (Left alt) and then I changed in my game that LALT will do the same as NUM6 does which is flip and stop your vehicle immediately, now it's much faster to stop in the air. Again, don’t buy any products just for hunting, but if you already have it, why not?
7. Challenge mode:

Are you a pro? Bored of regular hunting? I made up some nice challenges to spice up the hunt, who knows? you might like some of them.

I. No teleports challenge: Try to make a streak of 25 goldpots (or as much as you want) without using any teleports, you must choose one vehicle and stay in it, fly around the map and hunt.

II. No /sb and /bounce: Try to make a streak of 25 goldpots (or as much as you want) but you must disable your /sb and /bounce, what forces you to drive to the goldpots. However, you can use any teleports you like.

III. Disable /antifall: Try to make a streak of 25 goldpots (or as much as you want) with any bike you want but with you're /antifall disabled, fell off? you must go and sit on it again without spawning a new one or using NUM1.

IV. Race other hunters: Is there something more challenging then racing vs other hunters. Try to make a streak of 5 goldpots (or as much as you want) against your friend or a professional hunter.

V. Guess the next goldpot: This one is not about a streak, try to guess where the next goldpot will be, go to the area you think it will appear and you have less then 20 seconds to hunt it from the second it spawns. DO NOT use any teleport to get it. If you guessed it wrong (waited in LS and it spawns in SF for example) you can hunt it regularly and start again with the next goldpot.

VI. Hunt with weird vehicle: I believe the most funny challenge. Try to make a streak of 25 goldpots (or as much as you want) by hunting with a strange vehicle. You can use whatever you like for example Turismo, Slamvan, Pizzaboy and so on.
The most stupid vehicles I used for this challenge are: Dumper, Camper, Packer (extremely hard), stairs (XD), Hotdog, Luggage and of course the hardest one, DODO.

This guide will be updated more in the future, if you disagree with something, have any other tip to add or have a question about it feel free to ask me here, at forum conversation, discord and in-game. I hope I helped you to be better hunters, or just gave you more knowledge about the minigame.
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Goldpot Hunter of the Year | 2019
I began reading with the question if "The Ultimate Goldpot Hunting Guide" would live up to its name. It certainly did. It has everything from the basics to specific in-depth tips. Fantastic job putting all the tips together!
So if anyone plans on picking up goldpot hunting, come back to this guide every once in a while. Start with the first 5 paragraphs and practice in-game. You'll only learn all the goldpot locations through hunting them. After you've mastered all that, read the 6th paragraph and see what you can integrate to your hunting.

A couple of details I have to point out:
The monetary rewards for goldpots increase linearly: 1st 5k $, 2nd 10k $, 3rd 15k $, 4th 20k $ and starting with the 5th it's 25k $ per goldpot. The XP rewards listed by Almeg are correct.
2. The second type is based on shops or signs around the map, which can be found using Google and Wikipedia
Not Wikipedia, but rather GTA Wiki.

But these don't impact the general purpose of the guide. Once again, Almeg has done a fantastic job writing this guide!


Goldpot Hunter of the Year | 2020
Server Staff
A couple of details I have to point out:
The monetary rewards for goldpots increase linearly: 1st 5k $, 2nd 10k $, 3rd 15k $, 4th 20k $ and starting with the 5th it's 25k $ per goldpot. The XP rewards listed by Almeg are correct.
Not Wikipedia, but rather GTA Wiki.
Also fixed thank you for reporting the mistakes.

I hoped a professional hunter like you will like it, and agree/disagree with me. I wonder if I was able to innovate something for you. @Sulps


Goldpot Hunter of the Year | 2019
I hoped a professional hunter like you will like it, and agree/disagree with me. I wonder if I was able to innovate something for you.
Almost all of your tips are what I've always used. And there are some, like businesses, that I've thought of but which are too much of a hassle to use. It's good that you introduce different styles for goldpot hunting, because over the years, the methods have become more diverse. So there's next to nothing I disagree with.
For teleports, I use the geographically closest teleport around 90% of the time. The closer the teleport is, the faster the hunting. That's why I maintain a goldpot map and a teleport map for myself. I only switch to a more distant teleport if I see other hunters find the goldpot faster from there.
Regarding /lv, I don't think of it as a painful or useless teleport. Even after the addition of /drift9 and /drift8, /lv is the fastest teleport for quite a few goldpots. The remedy for the vehicles and trees etc is the following: before a new goldpot appears, I go to /lv and drive straight ahead to the Strip (the wide road). It's the perfect spot for waiting for the next goldpot to spawn - in 2011/12 all goldpot hunters did this.
That /l spot near Montgomery is a new idea to me. Since Red county has always had relatively few goldpots, I've never thought of placing my /l there. But now that Dillimore and especially Montgomery is packed with goldpots, I should consider this location.
But in general, I'm not very active on the server any more and there's little competition for goldpots. So I haven't put much effort into finding new strategies.


Goldpot Hunter of the Year | 2020
Server Staff
Added Shaan's idea for III. Superman and NRG method.
Added Challenge mode (Part 7)