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Hello Everyone, I just want help with one thing that is my ping, in other servers I'm getting 150-160 ping, but sfse is the only server in which I'm getting 400, in samp client, it shows that my ping is 200, but when I join the server it's 400, any idea what's wrong?


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It can all depend on where the server is located (hosted), have you also tried doing a speed test?


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Yeah, Everything is fine. I play other games too, I'm not having ping issues in any other server of samp nor in any other game.


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I just did an MTR (similar to a traceroute, but shows a little more information) from our box to your local IP address with 124 iterations and saw a stable ping of 200 with a standard deviation of just 1.2 ms and no packet loss:


Has this problem always occured, or did it only recently start?

One thing you can try is pulling up command prompt and running ping -t whilst you play. It would be interesting to see if it's just SA:MP that's reporting this 100% increase, or if your OS is reporting it too. The -t flag just means that it is continuous and won't stop after 4 hops.
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