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Goldpot Hunter of the Year | 2019
My suggestion is to reduce the amount of goldstars received for delivering to gang businesses.
Possibly boring calculations:
Under the current system, each delivery worth 250+ goods is awarded 5 goldstars. Each hour for a week (168 hours), ~50 goods are used by a business. That sums up to 8400 required goods, ~250 of which are given at the beginning of the lease, leaving 8150 for gang members to deliver. That makes 32 deliveries and 160 goldstars.

Thus, with each business lease, it is possible to gain 160 goldstars.
A peculiarity that occurs with the system is that VIP deliveries are slightly less beneficial. For example, delivering 1000 goods to a business takes 4 deliveries, 3 of which consume all the goods, for regular players, while it takes 3 deliveries, 2 of which consume all the goods, for VIP players. So, unless the VIP abandons some of their goods, they bring their gang fewer goldstars.
Also, in my opinion, making a single delivery is not comparable to making a race record or defending a territory from capture. Logically, race records and territory defence should be awarded more goldstars than deliveries.
All things considered, I propose a different system: At the end of a lease, the gang involved is awarded a number of goldstars, depending on the profitability/rating of the business. A simple formula would be to award half the rating in goldstars, so for example, 100% gives 50 goldstars, 50% gives 25 goldstars, 3% gives 1 goldstar.

For reference:


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To be honest I don't know well about goldstars but let's suppose they are 'rewards'.

If you make deliverances and get more goldstars than breaking a race or defending a zone,then this is truly unfair and it needs to be rearranged.


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Hi, Sulps:

Thanks for the feedback, I think your suggestion stands to reason. I have decided to implement your idea, with some adjustments:

End of lease business rating corresponding to gold-stars earned:

90%-100%: +50
50%-89%: +25
Below 50%: +5

Do not hesitate to contact me directly if you feel any further adjustments should be made to this :) Thanks!
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