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Fancy a fresh start? That's now easier!


Server Owner
If, for whatever reason, you wish to have a fresh start, that's now easier than ever. Upon request, we can reset any of your SFSE in-game account statistics, including, but not limited to score, cash, kills, deaths, race wins, online hours...and, just about anything else!

Why get a stats reset?
  • Maybe you've reached a billion dollars in-game cash and are bored as you have nothing to spend it on. Requesting a cash stats reset is a fun way to start like it's day one, competing in minigames, deathmatches, reaction tests and so on, to earn your cash.

  • Sucked at Deathmatching a year ago, and improved significantly since then, but stuck with a terrible K/D ratio? Why not get your kills and deaths reset? Experience a clean slate!

  • Or...maybe you just want to no-life your way in seeing how much score you can earn between now and <random date>. A score reset may be destined for you...
Why choose a stats reset over creating a new account?
Creating a new account may not be ideal; with a new account, you lose everything.
With a specific stat(s) reset, you can get your cash reset to 0, but your score will remain, for example.

OK...sounds good, let's do this!
Simply create a thread with your in-game username, and the statistic(s) that you would like reset. Your request will be manually processed by a Head Admin, or Server Owner, and your thread will be replied to accordingly.

Well shit...you've performed a reset for me, but I've decided I want my stats back, can you help?
The short answer: no.
The long(er) answer: we believe that all resets should be final, as this involves manual admin time, we would prefer not to be altering stats all day long.

I have a question, halp!
Drop a reply in this thread :)