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SFSE is on the hunt for new members of staff. If this sounds like something for you, please read on!

In a nutshell, we're looking for people who are active (can commit a few hours to us per week), friendly (are happy to help players with their questions) and are able to communicate effectively in English (being able to speak other languages as well is a big bonus!).

We don't believe in an overly complex application process, and so this process will be short and simple, with the verdict being chosen by existing members of our staff team.

Simply create a new thread and copy and paste the below template, filling in your answers:

What's your in-game name?
What's your favourite thing about SFSE?
Why would you like to join our team?
Are you able to easily record and upload gameplay?
Is there anything else you would like to add?

  • Your account must be at least one month old.
  • Your account must have at least 1,000 score.
  • Your account must have at least 10 hours playing time.
Your application will then be reviewed, with an average turnaround time of around 1-3 weeks.

NOTE: If your application is denied, you are welcome to re-apply in 60 days.

Good luck!
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