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/bet is too generous

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Goldpot Hunter of the Year | 2019
Description (in few words): Betting on duels doesn't take any money and gives back more than the bet.

What is happening? Please try to be as detailed as possible: /bet doesn't subtract the amount of money the player bets. When the duel ends, the bet is paid back to the player tenfold, so that, for example, a $50 000 bet is paid back as $500 000. Thus, it's possible to gain $500 000 with every duel on the server, without any risks of losing money.

Steps to replicate (if possible): Bet on a duel. Pay close attention to your money.

Additional information that may be useful (include screenshots or videos here): Examples of me betting on duels:
Before betting

I wagered $50 000

I was paid back $500 000, because nobody bet on the winner

Between the time I took these two screenshots, I bet on a player that won, so I gained $550 000 ($500 000 + 10% for betting on the winner).
This time I wagered $1 and gained $10 - the bug affects bets of all sizes.

Desired Reward (see here): Major
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