All the Goldpots in the game!


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Yo hallo all I'm so excited, finally after two week I'm posting my guide for all the goldpots in the game.
I know, AlanNeos already did it BUT the list of goldpots grew and some of them are missing.
How to find all goldpots? Combination of: Teleport command + The screenshot + Location in the map (of the screenshot) = The specific location.
Also, if I missed any, feel free to notify me and I'll add, and if one link is broken tell me. Of course this list will be updated with more goldpots I probably forgot.
Commands with (!) mark means they have two goldpots in the same place (so same photo for two goldpots are not a mistake)

Knifu memorial

On top of the cock rock, Giant desert chicken, Deserted snake farm, Deserted bodybags, Area 69, I can see the whole world from here, Pink (ocean view) house, The big spread ranch

Avispa country club, Let's play some golf, Hippy shopper, Small sf tunnel, The wizard of ass, Gaydar station, Garden center, City hall, Cop art, SF hospital, San andreas federal mint, Tram depot

Michelle's auto repair, SF unused bombshop, The finest pizza in San Fierro, Big pointy building in SF downtown, Midair burger, Let's say a prayer

Lighthouse ruins, Learn to be a captain!, Bayside marina view, Because we care, Phat clothing

Turning Trick, Advanced Motoring - LV

Memorial plaque, Angel pine hoboshack, Powertool paradise, Lovin' a loan, Trashed SA maps, Trash-O, Angel pine sawmill, A Shack in the Woods, Flint County, MT. Chilliad hill-house

Aldea malvada the lost poeblo, Tee pee motel, El Quebrados water supply, The ghostly town, Jays diner, Deserted bait shop, Longest ramp in GTA, Two leaning pylons, Giant desert cow, Desert castle, Hoover dam, Dam camper park, Alamo

Rusty, Old, Broken Walton, Path liquor, Avery construction, The Fleischberg factory, Spandex, Huge mine, Shooting range

Highest point on drag, Santos investments, A cannon in a house, LS, The golden palms, Pokemon

Missionary Hill TV station

/drift2 or /tr: (!)
Great signal up here, Fountain of youth, Hot water geyser, If I owned all this oil, Cave, U get inn motel, Desert bowling, HI K69, Cactus bar, Drive in theater

Verdant Bluffs chalet

Angel pine junkjard, Mountain hole

Ship docked in LS

Nude strippers daily, Zip pizza, LV City planning department, Unused Pay N' Spray, Top of the pyramid, Underneath the Giant Sphinx, Dragon lovers casino, Linden station, Pipe goes under the water, gaulle, Inside scaffolding, Military fuel depot, Dick's sounds, Guitar shaped pool, World class topless girls, Vice, The craw bar, Taking the law into our hands, Blue chapel, Wedding tickle, Venturas steaks, Lipstick, 2525, Casino still in construction, Fake stairs, Herro, welcome to china

QWIKBONDS, Gangsta bail bonds, Burn baby burn, Sity burgers, First meal, First hairdresser, CJ's first tagging location, Breakable Sprunk sign, Ideal homies store, Olympic market, TPP - totally nude, CJ's first spawn, Jefferson motel, Tony's liquor, Dragon

Grove basketball, CJ's first coffee, CJ is home, Breakable bridge, 8-track racing dome, Rodriguez Iron Works, Jellystone international, Pan mexicano, Ten green bottles, Sweet Johnson's House

Highest building in San Fierro

Under Frederick Bridge

Carniceria, Drive thru cluckin' bell, Sushi man, U.S. mail, Wholesale produce

Pet grooming, Cloverleaf junction, LS opera, Hidden LS tunnel, Plug it in and enjoy, Quite humourous comedy club, Scary bush, Half cocked, Le sex shoppe, Sodom sex toys, Blastin fools records, Movie star tour, A lake in a park, Homies sharp, Chef mings, The Bahamas, Diamond specialists

In Los Santos airport, LS: Train yard

LSPD, Reservoir dregs, Big S liquor & deli, The book emporium, A burger from OG LOC, All saints general hospital, Starballs,LS biggest ammu nation, Will's snacks shop, London, Los Santos, Liberty City, Spacey, LS fashions, LS eyeworks, YoYoJos records, Gravy train, Inside the GIANT donut, Meet me at the film studios, Market station, Interglobal television, Credit and commerce bank, Power video rentals, Grotti dealership, Rolex ripoff, 24 carat dogg, Candy Suxxx, LS shopping centre, Jetty lounge, Graveyard, Ghost graffiti, Madd Dogg ain't home!, UFO house, Milkshake, It's the vinyl countdown, We have gas, Dillimore PD, Mr. Grant's bike shed, Solarin industries, Big Mike's Truck. Performance. Auto, Fill 'er up in Style, DISCHARGER EVACUATOR III

$hody used autos, Casino robbed by CJ, Turning trailers into HOMES, Big skull, Royal casino, The Pirate Bay home, a real pirate ship, The Strip sex shop, Emerald isle, LV bomb shop

Drive thru mental clinic, Souvenirs: Gifts, Hats & Bags, We'll keep you in the GREEN!, Bandits hallway, Home of the bandits, Four big wheels, Redsands West Steakhouse, LVFD, Hazardous Materials Response team, Yellow bell golf, C.R.A.S.H, Millie Perkins house, Miller & Son, Crippen memorial hospital, Nice buns, Burned house, Hannibal liquor, Inside track, Bioengineering, Biowaste well, Demolition in progress

Southmost point in SA

Pier 69, The USS Nummutz, Underwater tunnel

69 store, SFSE birthday house, Santa Maria gym, Substandard, Son On A Beach - T-Shirts 'N' Shit, Los Santos carousel, Sand roller, Lighthouse, Victim: To die for, Lust for man, Verona Beach Pier, ZAPATERIA sorid, Papercut, let us fill your office, Rodeo Style Since 1888, Alexander's toys, Psychic special

Drive thru confessions, Nice wheelchair, Bub's hardware, Jazz mags, Little lady, Bank without a vault, Pitfall, Forgotten Building in North Rock

No easter eggs up here, Held up fountain, Tuff nut donuts, A piece of cable, It's the midtown madness, Mullholiday and Dulaly, Unbelievably steep, The ship cabin

Kerosine tank, Oil refinery, Easter basin naval base, I bet my Hydra can land on that ship, Plane sign, Under the bridge, Jizzy's girl is kidnapped, The Corvin stadium, Five identical buildings, SF Police Station

Unfinished building near the skatepark

Welcome to the Truth's drugfarm, Angel on rock

/trans or /ps:
Cobra Martial Arts, SFFD, Go for the brown, Learning to drive is hard, Antisocial, Lets visit the Coke factory!, Dom's rubber shop, The pink oboe, Zero RC shop, Vank Hoff in the Park, The Biffin Bridge Hotel, Homerun!, Development opportunity, Inside burger, We've got crabs!, Gant Bridge Mural, Joint festival, Blaze it, Everything Musty Go, So Easy to Pick Up, Zombotech, Rest in cement

/ts1: (!)
We'll dump your load, Helena Wankstein's home, The ol' Camper Park, Trailerpark at sea, Tree house, Horseshoes

Harry Plums wholesale fruit, Wooded entrance, World of Coq, Lucas environmental harm not yet wangcar

Welcome to dirtring, LV warehouse, The meat factory

25 to LIFE, LS bomb shop, Ugaladajara jewelry plaza, Tunnel under the train tracks, LS junkjard, Alhambra, Jesus saves, The Green Sabre

SF Vehicle Dealership
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Goldpot Hunter of the Year | 2020
Server Staff
Goldpots added:
Under Frederick Bridge, Dam camper park, Alamo, Alhambra, Venturas steaks, Lipstick, Psychic special (Thnx to @Hachiko ), Demolition in progress

Teleport added:

Fixed screenshot:
The ship cabin


Goldpot Hunter of the Year | 2020
Server Staff
Added goldpots:
2525, Casino still in construction
Also added Lucas environmental harm not yet wangcar (I think that was the name but might mistaken) although after talking to Bear he said he removed that goldpot from the game, but many hunters and admins were wondering where it is so I added it anyway.

Teleports added:
/drift7 is now instead of /parkour, apparently /parkour tele converted to a different map so /drift7 is the best alternative.


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Head Admin
Im unsure if we're adding anymore goldpots at the moment, due to the fact we have so many, no idea if any new ones have been added since my last one.

I've been talking to adlude about a potential revamp of the way goldpots are loaded etc, it'll make head admins jobs a lot easier imo.


Goldpot Hunter of the Year | 2020
Server Staff
Thanks to the last update, a new teleport command has been added. /grove
All the goldpots that can be improved for hunting by this command have been moved.
If you see any kind of mistake or any goldpot I missed, also any goldpot worth changing teleport command let me know.