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Recent content by Sulps

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    WEBSITE Navigation bar colors

    I honestly didn't think of refreshing Firefox's cache. Now we have to hope that all the regular visitors find this thread or figure it out themselves. One Ctrl+F5 later:
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    WEBSITE Navigation bar colors

    Description (in few words): The website's navigation labels are nearly invisible What is happening? Please try to be as detailed as possible: In the last website update, the navigation bar colors were "slightly altered". Before the update, the labels were white. Now they're black. That's a...
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    Hi i need to join your discord guys

    The first post in "Joining SFSE's Discord Server" explains things reasonably well. First you have to visit the invitation link. Then post a reply to the topic with your SFSE nickname, Discord nickname and number. Besides, if you're asking for help, Help Requests is the right place to create a...
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    I just remembered this inspiring sermon [MEDIA]

    I just remembered this inspiring sermon
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    Free VIP giveaway | 400k registrations!

    Oh look, another free VIP lottery. That's how I got my permanent VIP status - not for contributing to the server, but for maximizing my odds and being lucky :p My lucky number was 292 as it was the closest to 286. Pick your number carefully!
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    SFSE Drifter of the year 2022

    I love how the car just goes through trees, lamp posts, houses and more, continuing with the same speed and direction, giving zero damns about any laws of physics.
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    SERVER Parkour 5 race partially (un)listed

    Description (in few words): The race Parkour 5 seems to be in rotation in some ways and out of rotation in others What is happening? Please try to be as detailed as possible: Yesterday, I wanted to race Parkour 5, so I bought it using /buyrace. It was added to the race queue (/rq) but the next...
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    Who here remembers old moderator [PD]Gan?

    You're still in my Steam friends list, despite this: Most of them have become inactive. Some show up on the server occasionally, at best. But there are old-timey players that still play, just take a look at who has replied to this topic already. Nice to see you back after so many years!
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    Goldpot Locations Mapped

    Fix: Cactus Bar (766) and U Get Inn Motel (767) were mixed up on the map Reported by ely in-game. If anyone finds another mistake on the map, please let me know!
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    escape room minigame

    k then But seriously now, I haven't tried any "real" escape room, but it seems like it would be nearly impossible to implement in a video game like GTA SA. I simply can't think of any suitable puzzles. After successfully escaping once, doing the same thing again doesn't make any sense.
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    The top speed of each car is written in GTA SA's game files. Specifically, in handling.cfg, the N column stands for "TransmissionData.fMaxVelocity". The numbers shown fit pretty well with which cars seem faster and which slower. Why can't you just copy the data from there?
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    SERVER April Fools(?) bugs

    I checked the online list a minute ago and it seems partially fixed. The players who actually are online are shown with the right data. Most, but not all, other player IDs up to 32 are shown wrong, much like above. Regarding the turf naming, I don't understand why the feature was removed. But...
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    SERVER April Fools(?) bugs

    I can't tell if these bugs are an unusual late April Fools' joke or some patch actually messed things up, but I'll assume this wasn't intended. Description (in few words): Turfs can't be renamed What is happening? Please try to be as detailed as possible: When a gang member goes to a turf's...
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    SERVER Suggestion for a new minigame.

    This suggestion reminds me of the Survivor minigame SFSE used to have. According to the server updates, it was added in October 2019 and removed in June 2020 (really 2-3 years ago? time sure flies!). It was removed with the note "It will be replaced with something far better in the future". I...
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    SERVER Suggestions for /fallout

    1. If the players can damage each other with weapons, then it becomes a deathmatch, which is not what Fallout is for. If the grenades are only for knockback, then it would be thinkable. In this case, the server has to force /godmode on all players in Fallout (which tbh should be done anyway). 2...