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    Hi - Im Flash

    Welcome to SFSE ! Enjoy your stay
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    Welcome to SFSE !
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    Trackmania IV w/ bumper cam

    I challenged myself to finish the map and eventually made it till the end Sit back, relax and enjoy the chill video !
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    Infernus Paradise IV 2:58

    Hi ! I decided to do some couple of runs on /ip4 with all the shortcuts, and this is the best time I've got so far. Enjoy the video !
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    Trackmania V

    Hello everyone ! I present to you, Trackmania V. Enjoy !
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    SERVER Infernus Paradise 4 Bug

    Exactly this. Always use /fpslimit 50 or /fpslimit 51 on maps like these, car always handles better and it helps you to not get random stupid physics
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    Welcome !
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    An introduction to your new pal PaTt

    Welcome back, PaTt!
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    [WINNERS] SF-SE's 2020 Annual Awards

    Congrats everyone!
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    Trackmania 4

    Good job dude :D
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    SF-SE screenshots

    The goldpot bus
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    How to pass Infernus Skills 3

    Oops my bad, you're right. I use the control key to activate nos
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    How to pass Infernus Skills 3

    Hello everyone ! I've been having alot of free time nowadays so I decided to make this sort of tutorial. Keep in mind this is my first time making this kind of video, any kind of feedback is highly appreciated. I tried to keep the video simple but detailed so if you're still not fully...
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    Infernus Paradise IV

    Hey guys ! Here's me finishing /ip4 by NoType. Not really the smoothest run but atleast made it to the end. Enjoy !
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    Lilkapaa's arrival

    Welcome to SFSE !