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    TARAZZU[OP] is aimboter

    Hi, this thread has been moved back to Media, due to confusion from the title in which our staff team presumed was a player report. We apologize for the inconvenience. Consider naming your title better to prevent this confusion in the future, thanks!
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    Indecisive.. sorry. Final logo updated in first post!
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    Just kidding, we have a new logo and color scheme! After a couple of days of voting done by our members, the logo found above was developed & is now the official logo of the Mad Society Kings. It was kind of necessary and overdue, because the old logo's bike was poorly made. Instead of simply...
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    SERVER Infernus Paradise 4 Bug

    Was able to confirm that the odd bump existed with 90fps, was not present with 51 fps. In other words, use 51 fps. An alternative is to drive upward on the carshade wallride directly before the bump so you dodge it.
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    SERVER Infernus Paradise 4 Bug

    As far as I know, MTA: DM maps are mapped with and intended to be played with 51fps; what are your FPS? Anything above 90 causes oddities with vehicles and their handlings, collisions, etc
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    SERVER Triumph title system!

    Like Kostas said, /label being taken away from VIP and putting into this "triumph" system (why not just call it titles?) is not the way to go. We previously had a decent amount of players who went for a "completionist" level when it came to achievements, but that's not the case anymore. I don't...
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    good job you scared him

    good job you scared him
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    Stuntwar Database

    -- Feb 16 2021 -- Added the sources of the following stuntwars: 6th Street Plaza, Blackfield Palm, Back O Infy, Chinatown Overhang, Chinatown SK, Church Palm, Colinas BB, Colinas BB II, Conference Prec, Creek Sign, Docks Watergap, DTSF Pole, Fed Mint Ledge, KACC Ramp, LS Hwy Turismo, MTB...
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    MSK | Roster

    Updated Feb 20, 2021 Mad Society Kings Official Roster 31 total members Command Staff * madvillayo * Panos Lead Staff * Bassam karolina * Kostas * Phoenix * Sid * vodka Current Members Akira * Aut0psia * breyt Bufke Codriver * crankey dakii * Darky Droptek ExtraDice feesh...
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    Stuntwar Compilation

    Enjoyable & chill video as always. Soundtrack worked perfect with that XMSK weather, haha. Crazy how old some of these are, like the Verona Beach Palm stuntwar and DTLS Tree WR! Almost a time capsule of some old stuntwars.. great video.
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    SERVER Achievements - Remove/Add/Change

    I can teach you bro I agree with Meta, there could easily be some "streak" achievements for stuntwar for example, x amount of red stunts, or x amount of "unique" stunts (e.g. landing 100 unique stunts in which all stunts landed would have to be unique stuntwars, not just visage WR over and over)
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    VIP benefits

    VIP chat is barely used in-game as it is, I can imagine the Discord one being very dead and unused imo
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    MSK | Recruitment

    Updated Feb 20, 2021 Mad Society Kings Recruitment [1] Recruitment Status Recruitment for the Mad Society Kings is currently OPEN. To apply for membership, please read the Recruitment Guidelines and how to Apply for Membership found below. [2] Perks Active and growing. Rank #1 gang...
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    Funny Bug

    woah, badinfos was here? I know him as kmajor when I first started stunting lol
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    SERVER Achievements - Remove/Add/Change

    It's worth noting we do have a money achievement already, being "Filthy Rich" for 10M. Furthermore, technically we do have "level" achievements that are based off of x kills, and go higher each time. I will always support the idea of new achievements, because a lot of players are interested in...