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    How fast can you type?

    got rusty lately and fastfinger is with random words so nah, i prefer typeracer
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    Real life pictures!

    this thread is so dead ... anyway was about to leave home here (don't mind about the koshya quality)
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    chat with akira

    merry xmas and a happy new year
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    shotgun finisher

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    Im backk !!!!!!!

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    on da blocK

    That's a lovely introduction, good to see you, enjoy your stay :)
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    so i did something hehe

    too sexy, give me red option for background too, sweetie
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    let's talk about koshya

    i honestly think @k0shya is cute and kind-hearted, and the fact that she sends me christmas songs since august makes her look even cuter, what do you think? yeah haha i saw she made a post about me, she thinks about me a lot, so i want to repay her adorable face in kind. please share your...
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    Till we meet again Stone!!

    don't be jealous
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    Till we meet again Stone!!

    I wish you all the best mate, all the oldies miss you
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    chat with akira

    hey sweetheart, give me a kiss
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    Happy Birthday

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