Saturday, 01st October 2016

SF-SE (short for San Fierro Stunt Evolution) is a server that combines everything you could expect from a fun server: huge amount of stunts, fun challenges, challenging DMs including races and gold pot hunts and a great community.

Our server is based a lot on community development in the way that most of suggested ideas are involved in development and most submitted maps make their way onto the server.

Our goal is to create a friendly atmosphere which would make a new player come back the next time they open SA-MP. Our server has something for everyone. Either you'd like to start killing someone in a scenic valley deathmatch or a raging minigun fight or you'd just like to explore our awesome stuntzones and skyroads, you can do it all!

And don't be afraid of anyone unleashing a kamikaze on you while you're peacefully stunting since deathmatches are located in their own virtual world, the same goes for each house to avoid interior ownership conflicts! Our server even has some of that roleplay aspect in it, since every player can buy their own house.