San Fierro Stunt Evolution

SF-SE (short for San Fierro Stunt Evolution) is a server that combines everything you could expect from a fun server: huge amount of stunts, fun challenges, challenging DMs including races and gold pot hunts and a great community.

Our server is based a lot on community development in the way that most of suggested ideas are involved in development and most submitted maps make their way onto the server.

Our goal is to create a friendly atmosphere which would make a new player come back the next time they open SA-MP. Our server has something for everyone. Either you'd like to start killing someone in a scenic valley deathmatch or a raging minigun fight or you'd just like to explore our awesome stuntzones and skyroads, you can do it all!

And don't be afraid of anyone unleashing a kamikaze on you while you're peacefully stunting since deathmatches are located in their own virtual world, the same goes for each house to avoid interior ownership conflicts! Our server even has some of that roleplay aspect in it, since every player can buy their own house.

Recent Announcements

October 23, 2016, 06:06:44 PM Luis
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This update mostly features administrative stuff. But has got some new designs and small updates as well!

- Administrators can now view logs from the server with the new admin control panel.
- You're now able to login to your account using the login page.
- We now have a frequently asked questions page, just click on one of the questions to reveal the answer.
- Clicking on your name once logged in will redirect you to the player information page.

- The navigation bar now has a drop down feature, just hover over one of the links to view it.

- Changed the online players tab to server.

October 20, 2016, 08:01:13 AM cawfee
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Diligently behind the scenes we've been working to further improve SFSE. Our player counts have been increasing and it's hardly ever you'll find the server empty. Without any further delay, here is the changelog:

* Added vehicles to abandoned airfield (finally!)
* Added protection against advertising
* New map /alounge
* Private messages sent using @ are no longer sent if one intended recipient disconnected. A message is sent to this effect as well
* Players who receive a private message while AFK now get notified when they return
* Fixed color loading from saving preset colors, thanks Luis
* Ported derby map Jungle by Micka, what is old is new
* Implemented derby map voting! At the close of rounds players are asked to vote for the next map, it's optional!
* Players who happen to press escape while in class selection (inability to read click the spawn button, panic, bugged, whatever) will be spawned.
* Toys are now restored to their original position in the event of cancelling selection (pressed escape)
* Toys now cost 20k each
* When selecting a toy, options are much more clear and make use of a list type dialog.
* Through the aforementioned list dialog, bone to which toys are attached can now be changed
* Removed moving ship object
* New command /afklist to view players who're AFK (also shows nicely the time they've been away)
* Fixed owner command /reloadtextlabels in the event 3d text labels get messed up!
* Added further validity checks to AFK 3dtext labels
* New /drag map. Cheers!
* In the rare event staff needs to set stats, a new command (/setproperty) for level 3 staff has been added with options to set cash, kills, deaths, and experience. Removed obsolete /setdeaths, /setkills, etc..
* Players can now spawn any vehicle they'd like while at the racing start checkpoint, with exception of thoseraces with a custom vehicle requirement
* Attempted fix of MMB/NUMPAD 1 for returning to one's previous vehicle. Will need confirmation!
Gangs related:
* Fixed currently online gang members vector not properly decrementing when players disconnect, as well as when creating gangs.
* New command /topgangs which shows the top 10 gangs sorted by score. It also displays some other statistics as well :)
* Completed GANGWAR! The opposer and the desired opponent gangs must both have 3 players online to participate in a gangwar.
Rounds last 10 mins, and the winning gang (based on kills, which are displayed on the scoreboard) earns a generous amount of gang cash and score!

* Implemented gang scoring and statistics system:
   - When a gang member kills someone, the gangs overall kills are updated by one; one score point is given, and $200 is earned. The dead player loses a score point, loses $200, and the gangs death tally is updated for their gang.
   - Winning a race in first place earns a gang 3 score and $750, in second 2 score and $500, in third 1 score and $250
   - Derby and fallout wins earn $1000 and 3 score
   - Duel wins earn 2 score and $500
See how your gang is faring through /gangstats!
Immense thanks goes out to a partner, who has used our maps and code, for donating some to us. To thank said person, we've actually provided a comprehensive thread regarding said person, which can be viewed @ (source code to xSF included)

September 17, 2016, 02:23:16 PM Luis
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Yep, go ahead and get a new time right now, an extensive list of old school races have been added to SF-SE and are ready to be played!

You can also suggest races to be made and added, the more the merrier :)

September 14, 2016, 08:52:35 PM Luis
Replies: 12

Hi all.

Just wanted to let you all know, I've coded a funky home page for you all to use, it's now live ( please do check it out and leave me some feedback, and also some ideas on how to improve it

I'm pretty happy with the overall design, especially the statistics page.

As usual post bugs that you find on the bugs board :)

Thanks guys!

So, I just made a small update, no idea when it'll get uploaded.

- Added some overall amounts on the stats page.
- Added a most online table.
- Added a latest member table.

September 06, 2016, 08:17:17 PM Luis
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Hey folks.

Remember the old panel we used to have that allowed us to tie our in game accounts to the forum? Well, we've finally been able to get it working again after long tireless hours of getting nowhere.

As always, if you find anything that looks broken.. It probably is so be sure to report it on our bugs board :)

One step closer to being a great & unique server again!

August 23, 2016, 09:14:45 AM TheDarkness
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I just wanted to let you guys know, to whom ever browses this forum who isn't already a staff member, that SF-SE is finally receiving the long required overhaul we've dreamed of doing.

Stay tuned, things are about to get extremely lit.  8)

November 20, 2015, 04:33:18 PM cawfee
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The forums have reopened just over a week ago and we already have 20+ members! That is remarkable and underscores what a tight community SFSE is.

There have been a few bugs squashed during the week of testing (thanks to all who have found and reported these) and after assessing the stability of the server, I think it's in good shape. This doesn't mean the server won't contain mistakes, but the vast majority of them are gone. So I'm happy to inform you that the server is now on the hosted list, so the days of an empty server will be a remote memory!  :o

As promised, a changelog can be found here, which will be updated for each revision.

While it details a lot of changes carried out over the past few months, there are some omissions and I'm sorry for that (got lazy at points :P). The said changelog is mainly what I could remember. There's much more in store!

November 17, 2015, 06:17:27 PM cawfee
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Good evening!

First things first... I'd like to warmly welcome those who will be joining us for another run.

Before we can officially open and put our name in the hosted listing, a testing phase must be carried out on the server. The script received many updates and bugfixes, but there is a downside to this: these changes couldn't be tested thoroughly as I would've liked. At most the server had 3 players online at once.

The server can be accessed through Please report issues, suggest changes, and enjoy yourself!

A detailed changelog will be posted once the server is out of the beta phase.

Thanks and have fun!  8)

November 12, 2015, 10:41:02 PM TheDarkness
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Of course you're probably not used to seeing this alias making announcements about the server, however, things have recently changed. Due to Andre's extensively busy life, much like mine, he's gone inactive on just about everything, thus the server has died off. Cawfee has been working on developing the further gamemode with our own little twist. What you're about to see, is probably the best sa-mp server revival in the history of SA-MP.

Within the next week, the server will go live, and the forum will be configured shortly, please stay tuned for more information.

Long live SF-SE!